Chléa Living is a lifestyle read curated by Stephanie Jaya dedicated to collecting and sharing all things happy, sunny, and yummy. Fueled by her zest to create and experience new things, Stephanie is keen to share anything from her travel notes and photos, her favorite chicken soup recipe, her thoughts on bunk beds, to what to wear this spring and tips on getting rid of bugs at home. Inspired by people, things, and ideas around her, Stephanie offers her readers a simple read by which they can also be sparked. Stephanie creates Chléa Living in hopes of spreading a little zing to remind readers to be happy for the little (and big) things in life. 


Chléa Living’s design is loved for its simplicity, elegance, and charm. Schemed with a minimalist approach, its polished architecture and organized anatomy make for easy and enjoyable reading. With a relish for a clean and classic look also comes a fascination with perky colors and bright hues, as illustrated in the images captured throughout. Thoughtfully written for both edification and pleasure, Chléa Living promises a light and delightful read for all.


Our keen readers are a diverse international group of savvy individuals who are passionate about food and lifestyle, with a particular interest in quality of life. They like to be “in the know” and are always looking for the what’s in vogue in food, art, culture, fashion, travel, beauty, health, design, and lifestyle.


We have over 20,000 active readers visiting our site and social media channels monthly. Geographically, 80% of our readers are based in Indonesia, while the rest are spread throughout the world in the regions of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Pacific, and The Middle East.


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