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16 Things Every New Parent Needs

Months before Brielle’s birth, we had frequented many baby shops. From the start, I was cautious not to go overboard and to buy only the essentials, with the exception of too-cute-to-pass-up socks, mittens, onesies, dresses, headbands, and actually anything borderline cute. Which was most everything. Obviously, I bended. Most times I couldn’t resist and always justified every non-essential purchase with the thought that this was our first. But among the things we have for Brielle, I’ve rounded up sixteen of ones I use on an everyday or almost everyday basis and have proven to work well for us. Here’s a list of the items new parents may find useful.

1. Medela Freestyle Pump
This double-pump has truly been my best friend, only second to the baby. While it’s considerably pricey compared to other pumps, it’s totally worth it since I’ve gotten so much use out of it day in day out.

2. PumpEase Pumping Bra
To go with the pump, I use this wrap-around bra so I can pump hands-free, easily move about and get things done around the house.

3. Nursing Cover
I nurse whenever, wherever, and I’m not apologetic. The nursing cover is always something I carry with me when I’m out with baby (which is always).

4. BABYBJÖRN Carrier One
We first tried this on when Brielle was still quite little and she didn’t seem comfortable in it. But as she got older, being carried in it has been such a treat for her since she got to be close to one of us, and still be able to peruse her surroundings.

5. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller
If you’re buying a stroller for its looks, this one is not for you. But if you’re looking for one that’s smooth, practical, lightweight, easily maneuvered, convenient (snaps and folds with one hand), then you’d love the City Mini. What I love most about it is that I can carry baby in one hand and push the stroller with the other with total ease. The seat reclines almost flat so baby can sleep comfortably as if she were on a bed, and the canopy closes almost the whole way.

6. Pigeon Breast Pads
I haven’t taken a break from wearing breast pads since baby’s birth and for good reason. Every. Nursing. Mom. Needs. These. For. Real.

7. MyBabyPouch Baby Carrier
I honestly got this because they had such adorable patterns (and they were so inexpensive too). I was looking for a simpler baby carrier that would also fit in Brielle’s diaper bag. When I first got it I had no idea it would be life-changing. Brielle isn’t much of a sleeper, but when I carry her around in this pouch, she would fall asleep much more quickly and that was A-AWESOME. What’s more, it’s so easy and quick to put on.

8. Nursing Pillow
In the first few months, I spent most days at home and was nursing Brielle every 2-3 hours. And as I continue to nurse her today, this pillow has served me well since I can just lay her on the pillow to nurse while I work on the computer or watch TV and feel secure.

9. Totesavvy Diaper Bag Compartmentalizer
The Totesavvy claims to transform any bag into a diaper bag, and it does! With its multiple inserts and slots, this caddy helps me categorize items into order so I can easily grab what I need when I need them (especially helpful during moments of emergency!). See how I organize Brielle’s diaper bag.

10. Chicco Bottle Warmer
We have just this one bottle warmer and it works just fine. Similar to most bottle warmers, a ring goes off when the bottle is ready and it has several settings depending on how warm you want to heat the milk.

11. Philips Avent Bottle Sterilizer
I use this religiously every single day to sterilize pump parts, bottles, and other items like pacifiers. Bonuses: it’s got a sleek and minimalist design, doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen counter, and isn’t an eyesore.

12. Joie Car Seat
We sat Brielle on her car seat the day we brought her back from the hospital. It’s one of those things we really wanted to commit ourselves to doing every time we take her in the car. Doesn’t happen every single time but we try our best.

13. Infant Tub
We got a generic baby tub with no built-in back rest. At first I wish I had gotten one with a built-in back rest for baby to lie on when she was a newborn up until about 4-5 months. But now that she can sit up on her own, I’m glad we got one without the back rest. Our tub works fine and is spacious enough to fill with her gang of little rubber duckies.

14. MamyPoko Diaper
Among the several other diaper brands we’ve sampled, we definitely like MamyPoko best. It isn’t the most expensive brand out there, but it lives up to its claims. There are times we would forget to change Brielle for many hours (oops), or days she would wet the diaper more than usual, and we would find the diaper drenched and oh so heavy. But time and again there’s no spill, transfer, or excess moisture. Her bum is left dry. We are sticking with this one.

15. Swaddles
We stopped swaddling Brielle at 3 months, but when we did up until then, it really helped her sleep better, especially during her day naps. The only tip I have for swaddle-buying: the bigger, the better.

16. Baby Oil
I’ve always loved the smell of babies (I guess I’m like most normal people) and baby oil, in particular minyak telon. There’s just something about its scent that takes me back, and leaves a calming and endearing feeling in me. I even use it on myself sometimes. I massage a generous amount on Brielle after her bath, all over her chest, belly, legs, and feet. And then she is perfect for cuddling with!

What’s in My Diaper Bag

Before becoming a mom, I’ve always thought diaper bags symbolized the unglamorous face of motherhood. Now that I am a mom, I still think diaper bags are a bit of a torment. Just a bit. Especially when you leave for the day and forget them at home! But hey, they are essential to caring for the little one. Even though they are likely bulky, massive, and messy.

I organized Brielle’s first diaper bag several weeks before she was born. Since then, I’ve gone through several bags, and reorganized over and over until I was satisfied with the arrangement. For now. This crucial tote now carries Brielle’s essentials, as well as mine since I’ve almost given up on carrying an extra handbag because I have exactly two hands. And while diaper bags can be a headache to pack, it doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

To start, I chose a sizeable bag that I already own and one that I actually like, the large Longchamp Le Pliage tote. I also use a product that I just recently got and have been loving—the Life in Play diaper compartmentalizer—to help sort different things in separate sections for easy reach. With this organizer, I can turn any bag into a diaper bag by simply removing and inserting the organizer from bag to bag. I carry only the very essentials, and several trinkets that are extra or for emergency use. I like to keep it light and practical. Here are a few million things inside my diaper bag.





  1. Diapers – I bring at least 5 diapers for a day out, and refill them right when we return home so there’s always a full stock in the bag (especially convenient for those running-late days).
  2. Wet tissue – I make sure to use fragrance-free and a known baby brand. We like the generic Pigeon one so far.
  3. Dry tissue – I get a special super soft tissue meant for babies and they really make a difference.
  4. Changing mat – When we are out and about, R and I change Brielle whenever and wherever she needs a diaper change, and this changing mat is great as a makeshift changing station.
  5. Small plastic bags – For throwing out dirty diapers.
  6. Diaper cream – I use the Sebamed diaper cream sporadically, just when I feel baby needs it.



  1. Onesies – One short-sleeve and one long-sleeve.
  2. Long pants – For in case it gets cold or to ward off mosquitoes.
  3. Socks – A couple of them, just in case.
  4. Bib – For when baby bottle-feeds.



  1. Bottle – When baby is drinking right away. I keep my cooler bag and ice packs in my separate pumping bag.
  2. Nursing cover – An absolute necessity!
  3. Carrier/pouch – I just recently got this baby carrier/pouch by MyBabyPouch, an uber simple pouch that wraps baby when I carry and rock her. Brielle has always had trouble falling asleep and this has been a lifesaver!
  4. Blanket – A lightweight one since we live in a hot climate, to keep her legs warm while she sits in the stroller.
  5. Book – A tiny quick read.
  6. Sound toy – A distraction for baby and something she can hold.
  7. Pacifier – For real emergencies, which we almost never use.



  1. Food and mouth wipes – These are great for a quick wipe for all over baby.
  2. Pacifier and toy wipes – Don’t know that we need a specific kind of wipes just for pacifier and toys, but since we have them…
  3. Hand sanitizer – Especially for R, and anyone and everyone who gets close! Ha!
  4. Baby oil – To soothe baby and because I love the scent.
  5. Detergent – Something we use quite frequently because when baby poops, she really
  6. Cotton buds – Because sometimes boogers appear out of nowhere!
  7. Mask – For me or R or anyone around baby who may have a cold.
  8. Snacks – for me or R.
  9. Little pouch – I have this little bag for myself to store Band-Aids, emergency pads, hair clips, lip balm, and hand lotion.


Brielle’s Birth Story

On Friday September 2nd, twelve days before my due date, I woke up noticing a little blood discharge when I went to pee. I didn’t think much of it and went about my day as I normally did. R had been working from home for the past week to stay with me so we would be ready to drive to the hospital whenever baby decided to pop. In the afternoon I started feeling some cramps here and there, but still did groceries and went for my 30-minute walk which I had started every day since entering 37 weeks. That night I went to bed like any other night, except I was awakened every hour by a piercing sensation in my anus, a feeling like I kept needing to poop. While I pooped a little, the rest of the night was just me going back and forth to sit at the toilet and breathing through what I later realized were in fact contractions! I didn’t wake R because I didn’t want to alarm him and since we were scheduled to see the doctor the next morning, I thought I’d wait it out.

Despite having barely slept, I awoke fresh in the morning, got dressed, put a face on, and headed for the hospital. And while I didn’t know what was in store for us that day, I decided we should bring our packed hospital bag in the car, just in case. We got to the hospital at around 9:30am and the nurse checked my weight and blood pressure like always. But when I told her I had noticed a little blood discharge the day before, she immediately got me on the cardiotocography (CTG) machine to check for baby’s heart beat and labor contractions. I lay on the bed for 30 minutes while snacking on Nutella toasts that R had prepared earlier.

I continued feeling and breathing through the contractions which were becoming more and more palpable. But the results showed that the contractions were still irregular. At around 11 when we saw the doctor, the ultrasound showed that baby’s head had made its way very deep down into my vaginal opening—a good thing of course. I figured we’d probably still be waiting for at least another day or maybe even two. I suppose the doctor had his suspicions so he checked for my dilation. The next moment he told us we couldn’t go home anymore because I was in fact already 7cm dilated! We were in disbelief. I asked the doctor if we were really getting the baby out that day to which he responded, do you not want to get baby out now? The world knows how much I wanted her out! R immediately called my mom who was out of town and I was directed to the delivery room. It’s funny because in fact we were supposed to meet up with some friends right after the appointment, but of course that wasn’t happening.

Dilated at 7cm, I was still able to chit chat with the midwives and nurses entering and exiting the room, reply to messages, and eat. But whenever a contraction came, I focused on breathing deep in and out and letting it pass. My mom arrived within 2 hours after getting R’s call. Thankfully, she was already there when the contractions grew more and more intense. Lying on the bed made it worse, so I had to sit at the toilet. I held on to my mom and R while I just sat there struggling in pain incomparable to anything. My head was spinning, my body shaking, I felt like I was blacking out. I forced myself to keep my eyes open so I wouldn’t faint. I squeeze-hugged my mom so tight her belly was pressing against my face. I remember thinking to ask doctor to cut me open already.

My mom saw how much pain I was in and called the nurse in. At that point I was 8cm dilated. Between dilation 8 to 10, I just remembered feeling the need to poop an entire mountain. But nothing was coming out. Finally I was on the bed, at which point my doctor entered the room. That was a relief because that meant he was pulling baby out very soon. Things were moving so fast between dilation 8 to 10 that I remembered hearing the doctor asking the midwife if she had given me an induction, which she hadn’t. R was told to stand further back from the bed while two of the midwives held and led me through each push.

With my first push, I heard R saying he could already see baby’s hair! One push was followed by another, then another, and with my very last and strongest one, baby popped out and I felt her little toes trickling past my opening. There was no relief like the one I felt at that very moment. The doctor cut off the umbilical cord and pulled out the placenta which was shockingly huge. And he went on to stitching down there. I felt no pain, nothing. After delivering a baby I was sure I was immune to any other pain. Soon after being checked on and measured, baby was wrapped in a bright canary hooded towel and laid on my chest.

Nothing like the feeling of holding this little creature close to me, she needing me as much I needed her. Those first two hours went by so fast and soon it was time for baby’s bath. The midwives helped me clean up, and told me I was very calm throughout labor and that I had a very high pain tolerance. She even told me I broke the hospital record of being in labor for just 15 minutes! At 3:10pm, baby Brielle was born at 3.2kg and 49cm. I couldn’t be more grateful that everything somehow worked out perfectly. I was able to have a completely all-natural birth as I had hoped. Baby is healthy and happy (smiling in her first photo).

Brielle's Birth Story

Brielle's Birth Story

Brielle's Birth Story

What’s in My Hospital Bag

We’re just 12 days away from baby’s due date. At 38 weeks and 2 days today, she could decide to pop at any time now. Whoa! Things are starting to get very real. The sleepless nights, toilet runs, and worries aside, I’m feeling ecstatic about welcoming baby to this world, and to our growing little family. Spending time in the nursery and putting together baby’s things makes me feel close to baby. Feeling baby’s movements inside of me keeps me entertained and lets me know baby is well. It’s funny that I always used to feel cold and get the chills, but now it’s the opposite. And I have this tiny human inside of me to thank for keeping me warm.

Now, onto serious business. I know it may be premature, but I’m not an advocate of anything last-minute—unless it’s something yummy like ice cream or crepes. So to avoid havoc, I’m packing our hospital bag so it’s ready to grab to go with us on the big day. Here’s a list of things (which I’ve tried to keep to a minimal) for baby, R, and me.

For Baby

1. Car seat
2. Onesies (3)
3. Mittens (2 pairs)
4. Socks (2 pairs)
5. Hats (2)
6. Swaddles
7. Headbands
8. Going home outfit
9. Wipes
10. Diapers
11. Milk bottles, sterilized (2)
12. Baby oil

For Mom

1. Book
2. Bathroom flip flops
3. Slippers
4. Pajamas (3)
5. Robe
6. Underwear
7. Nursing bra (2)
8. Going home outfit
9. Socks (2 pairs)
10. Towel
11. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, body wash, shampoo, lotion)
12. Makeup
13. Belly cream
14. Nipple cream
15. Hair dryer
16. Glasses + case
17. Breast pads
18. Maternity pads
19. Nursing cover
20. Breast pump

For Dad

1. Camera + charger
2. Laptop + charger
3. Headset
4. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, body wash, shampoo, shaver)
5. Bathroom flip flops
6. Outfits (3)
7. Underwear
8. Pajamas (2)
9. Towel
10. Laundry bag

Pregnancy Post: One-Month Countdown

When we found out we were expecting back in January, the idea that we would be welcoming a child into our family felt a long ways away. I was focused on me, my well-being, and my newly pregnant situation. Now looking back, the first trimester is a distant memory—a blurry few months of nausea, lethargy, and unproductivity, all looped in a cycle of a confused jetlag. And now that it’s less than a month away from baby’s birth, I’m all about baby and everything I can think of that she’ll need.

So far I’ve gained 10 kilograms, while baby is measured at 2.8, which according to the doctor is whopper! And that worries me a whole lot. I’ve always known I wanted to go the natural route and have been watching (for the most part) my food intake to avoid baby from gaining too much. Clearly this little one is a big eater. And now hearing and reading about how labor pain is pretty high up there on the pain index, trumping breaking one’s bones (yep!), I’m trying my best to prepare for a smooth of a delivery as possible.

While there’s no such thing as painless delivery (or is there?), I’d like to think I’m making a difference doing my Kegels and going to birthing class. And cutting down on carbs. Which is the absolute most miserable thing. And it drives me crazy that I never really used to watch what I ate, and now I’m having to eat less. But on the bright side, just one more month and I’ll get to eat absolutely anything and everything. I should start putting together a list.

My (lack of) sleep patterns continue to throw me off, and I haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in weeks. Among the bizarre dreams, baby’s boxing, heartburn, finding a comfortable position, and having to pee in the middle of the night, I have yet to crack the secret behind a proper shut-eye.

But good news—baby’s position is already head-down, and everything is looking normal and healthy. I’m hoping the doctor would soon be able to approximate baby’s true due date so we can really, really be prepared. Our hospital bag is all packed, and I think we have everything we need until the delivery. Except maybe the one very crucial item: a name. This is by far the question we get asked the most. And everyone thinks we are keeping it a secret but in truth we really haven’t settled on one we both really love and agree on. So, I guess that’s next on our to-do list.

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t pregnant. I’d watch in envy women in body-hugging dresses and skirts and be reminded of my own collection that I haven’t been able to touch for months now. And probably won’t for the many months to come. And now that I’m nearing the end of my third trimester, with an ever sprouting bump, I find myself wearing the same few pieces over and over. Just because nothing else fits comfortably anymore. And being a size petite, I won’t lie this freaks me out a little bit. But I pat myself on the back for having gone this far without buying any maternity clothing.

People I meet would always comment how “small” I am, surprised to hear that I’m this far into my pregnancy, and how I have a “belly-only pregnancy.” I suppose my belly is still relatively manageable, despite bumping into the fridge door on a daily basis. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and I’m grateful for a relatively smooth ride so far. No serious cravings, impulses, mood swings, or drama to brag about.

And hey, even though I can’t slip into just any dress these days, I completely embrace my pregnant body and I dig the bump! Which is why I wanted something to remember it by. So we did a photoshoot with my brother in my thirty-second week. The whole thing was ultra-simple, and we even took some of the photos right at home. And I absolutely loved how they came out! Here are some of my favorites:

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Remembering the Bump: Celebrating Our First

Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – July

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but I’m amazed by how kind strangers are to pregnant women. Just last week I was waiting for R to pull up at Ikea and haul our shopping, when a father of three with his wife offered me their seat on the bench after he’d asked his daughters to stand on the side. He offered me the. entire. bench. I thanked him but didn’t take the seat because I knew R would drive by any moment then. And by the looks of me he clearly thought I needed the whole bench – ha! R joked that once baby is born I should strap a pillow around my belly so we’d continue benefitting from special treatment.

Speaking of looks, it’s insane how big my bump has grown this third trimester! And it’s even crazier how more and more active baby is getting. While baby’s smooth dance moves are my daily entertainment, they are keeping me up at night (and waking me up from my morning sleep). And in general I’ve just been having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t expecting sleep troubles to happen this soon. On top of that, the heartburn.

But the little distresses aside, I’m so glad we finally got around to shop for baby’s supplies and gears! I’ve even washed and organized all the teensy onesies, mittens, socks, hats, and every tiny thing baby will wear. R says baby already owns more clothing than he does. I cannot wait to dress baby up! The nursery is ready as well, just waiting for the mattress order to arrive and we are totally set!

The next thing on my list is packing the hospital bag which I want to try to do at the latest a month before the due date, just in case. We are due to see the doctor next week, and I’m curious to see how much baby will weigh then since last month we were told baby is on the lighter side. And if baby will already be in breech position. If yes, we better be ready!

At Thirty Two Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
Pomelo (42cm)/1700g

I’m Feeling
excited, nervous, a lot sleepy

Food Love
cookies and milk (late at night), and anything cold

Food Hate

3 Pros of July
+ shopped for baby supplies
+ nursery all set up and ready!
+ baby’s acrobatics

3 Cons of July
– heartburn
– trouble sleeping
– feeling off-balance

Currently Surviving In
some body-fitting dresses (surprisingly!), but mostly R’s T-shirts

Looking Forward To
settling on a name for baby

Dreaming About
getting a good night’s sleep (I hear it’s not supposed to get better)

My Morning Routine

I’ve always been a morning person, so mornings are my favorite part of day. It’s when I feel most active and alert, in anticipation of the day ahead. Back in school, my mornings used to be hectic and I’d be running around the house scrambling, grabbing things as I went, and eating breakfast on the go. But now that I operate on my own schedule, I ease into my mornings with calm. I get to do the things I want and need to do, which mostly involves taking care of myself, R, and our home. I take comfort in my morning routine as it helps set the tone for the rest of my day which I try to make the most of, everyday. So here’s what my current typical morning routine is like.

I wake up: typically before 7. The first thing I do is drink a tall glass of water before emptying out my loaded bladder and brushing my teeth.

I feel: energized and ready to start the day! The sun is up but I wait until later in the day to draw the curtains because otherwise it gets too hot and too bright too early.

The next thing I do: is change out of my pajamas and into my gym gear.

My workout routine: is a simple thirty minutes on the elliptical and another ten weight lifting. Working out in the morning works best for me just because I end up skipping it if I wait any later in the day.

By 8: I set my music on and hop into the shower for a quick one- to two-song wash/karaoke session. Singing really wakes my body and mind up and sets me in a happy mood.

My beauty routine: is simple on weekdays. The products I use include moisturizer, foundation, brow powder, eyeliner, blush, and lip balm. On other days when I feel like dressing up a little more, I’d add contour powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lip color.

What I wear: depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing that day. These days I gravitate towards mid-length dresses since they are so easy to put on and require no time for mixing and matching. I finish with a few accessories and a few spritzes of perfume.

The best part of my morning routine: is the energy and anticipation in me and feeling good about starting early, and looking ahead to a positive and productive day. And breakfast.

My breakfast: usually consists of a fruit smoothie, toast or pancakes with peanut butter, plus supplements. On other days I alternate with a mix of scrambled eggs, overnight oats, cereal, yogurt, or milk. As I wait for my breakfast to go down, I make the bed, brush my teeth, and do quick chores around the house.

The hardest part of my morning routine: is making it to the gym. Which is why I quickly change into my gym clothes, wear my shoes, and get my workout out of the way early in the morning so there’s no chance to skip out on it.

Between 8:30 – 9: I’m out the door and at the office by 9:30.

My first tasks: I’m at my desk with my computer, next to my list to-do list (which I make the night before) for the day. I try to do things that require most thinking and creativity like writing and brainstorming as early in the day as possible and leave the less creative tasks like replying emails and reading the news for later in the day.

My morning snack: varies from day to day, depending on what I happen to have on hand. Some typical ones include either or a combination of yogurt, fruits, almonds, bread, cake, pastries, and cookies. I usually snack at around ten or eleven, to stave off my pre-lunch hunger attacks.

Before noon: I prep for lunch, which is typically a light meal of either leftover cooking from the night before, or something I can quickly fix that will take no more than ten minutes. I try to have a carb, protein (eggs are my go-to choice), and some greens.

Creating a morning routine isn’t complicated. It was easy once I figured out what I wanted to spend my day doing and how I wanted to do it. I love mine and will likely vary and adapt it as I go along. What’s your morning routine like?

Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – June

I can’t believe I’m now in my third trimester! That means no more flying, which means mentally preparing for months of hibernation ahead, which I don’t think I’ll mind that much since I’m more of a homebody anyway. I finally got around to putting on some Mozart for baby! And baby noticeably responds to the music, dancing and bouncing in my disco of a belly. This now has become the highlight of my evening right before going to bed.

Just several days ago I started noticing my swelling legs. At first I flipped out but quickly found the remedy by resting my feet on a stack of pillows when sleeping. Beyond the elephant legs, I’ve accepted my ever aching lower back as normal. And it doesn’t help when I’m sitting at the computer most days of the week and neglect to periodically alternate between sitting and standing. R sympathizes and gives me a serious back massage from time to time (unacceptable—he should be doing it every day). I’ve also now created a barricade of two pillows positioned on my left and right on my side of the bed to train my body to sleep on my side.

Not surprisingly, the peeing continues to become more and more frequent. Now I can even feel a downward pressure from the uterus pushing down on the bladder. Or maybe that’s just baby practicing gymnastics or kickboxing or a combination of both. I’m convinced baby does cartwheels in there because I can feel some sort of ripples in my belly. I’ve also started recording baby’s movements and it’s the absolute funniest thing!

Just last week R and I visited a friend a day after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I’d wanted to ask her so many questions about the birthing but stopped myself before giving myself a scare. Being in the maternity ward gave me the jitters, knowing it would soon be my time. But at the same time I, as well as R, cannot wait for the day baby will become a part of our lives.

Next on our to do-list: planning for the maternity shoot and baby shower.

At Twenty Seven Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
bunch of bananas (about 36.5cm)/900g

I’m Feeling

Food Love
fresh coconuts and pizza

Food Hate
none I know of

3 Pros of June
+ video recorded baby’s movements
+ watching baby’s response to music
+ our stock of fresh coconuts in the fridge

3 Cons of June
– aching lower back
– walking speed significantly lower
– finding it harder and harder to resist greasy and sweet foods

Currently Surviving In
whatever still fits!

Looking Forward To
arranging baby’s teeny onesies!

Dreaming About

Dental Musings

When it comes to electronics, I live by one simple philosophy: I have what I use and use what I have. On top of the unnecessary spending, I absolutely hate accumulating things in the name of accumulating things. With the exception of shoes, maybe. Ha! But even then I’d make sure to get plenty of wear out of them instead of just having them around.

The same thinking applies to my dental care. I’ve used traditional toothbrushes all my life, up until about a couple of years ago. When my parents and brother started using the electric brush, they suggested I do the same, telling me that it made such a difference. I wasn’t convinced. The traditional brush has worked for me all this time, and I didn’t see the point in spending the extra money for a simple tool to clean my teeth. Plus I really didn’t mind the arm workout. It wasn’t until my parents bought me an extra one and insisted I use it that I finally gave it a try.

Talk about dealing with a stubborn personality (I have my entire life to apologize to my family for it).

The first buzz took me by surprise, followed by a little gum bleeding which irked me a little. But by the second and third brushing, I could see and feel that my teeth were much cleaner. The usually adamant chunks of food that loved to hide way back by the wisdom teeth didn’t even stand a chance. I even got rid of the tartar buildup on the inner surfaces which I thought could only be manipulated by a dentist’s magic touch.

So yes, I may just be a bit of a caveperson when it comes to electric toothbrushes, but I bear witness to the fact that they positively do a significantly better job cleaning teeth compared to traditional toothbrushes. The difference is significant and visible. It was a life changer for me. Bye bye tartar!

A bonus? It actually makes the mundane task of teeth brushing fun!

A second bonus? Less frequent visits to the dentist! Before, my dentist would spend some time cleaning out my tartar and scraps of food from down here and under there. But at my last visit, I spent no more than two minutes in the chair! I was just as surprised as, well, no one. I was just surprised all on my own.

Currently, I’m using the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean in pink, gifted by my brother on his last trip to Australia. This model has five brushing modes and comes with two extra brush heads, a charging station that doubles as a display cup, and a travel case with a USB charger. It also comes in purple and black. So far I am loving it! It really rubs the boring out of daily teeth brushing.

My two cents: if you have the budget to splurge a little, I’d recommend getting an electric toothbrush. While some high-end brands and models can run a little pricey, there’s plenty of affordable options to choose from. Think of it as an investment, but I think one that’s worthwhile since you’ll get plenty of use out if it, every single day!