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Happy 1/365!

2014 has been awesome and full of surprises (good ones, of course). And I know 2015 will be even more kick-ass. And even though life is far from perfect, we can’t get enough of it. We work and play, we laugh and cry, we hurt and we love. And we repeat. Life is what keeps […]

10 Ways to a Happier You

We all get excited and pumped up around New Year’s. Resolutions are on a roll and we feel good. But come February and March, those habits we were so keen on keeping up are starting to be forgotten. We’re back to picking up chips rather than carrots. But we’re here to reignite your motivation to be […]

Why Humans Are Like Goldfish

We humans are like goldfish. Our attention span can be measured in seconds. When we want something, we go after it every chance there is, until we finally get it. First, it’s the girl we try to impress. Once we’re in her head, we move on to our boss. Steady relationship, steady pay…What next? Our desire […]