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Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – May

This month has seen the most drastic changes in the pregnancy so far. My belly is growing rapidly, along with my appetite. At home we eat healthy, home cooked meals. And while I’ve taken the doctor’s advice to slow down the weight gain, it wasn’t easy to resist the ice cream, scones, fries, and noodles during our travels to Australia. For the first time in my life I avoided going near the scale. We’re a week away from the next doctor’s visit, and hopefully my routine workout is paying off. Woes aside, my highlight this month has got to be feeling baby’s first kicks! At week 21, they were subtle and sporadic. Now, they come at me very eager, day and night. I would even feel baby dashing from my left, then to my right, top then bottom belly. R would feel them too, and would quietly tell baby to move gently in my defense. The first night we arrived in Sydney we watched fireworks from our hotel overlooking Darling Harbour, and R and I …

Seven Things

/two comrades appreciating each other’s company/ It’s been so refreshing to wake up to the cold, for a change. Every morning I try to be up earlier than everyone else so I could take a walk and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the company of galloping dogs and singing birds before heading out for the day. My favorite part of our trip: animal-watching and taking in the lush and bucolic surroundings and fresh air. Sometimes the simplest things are truly the best. And while photographs don’t do the sceneries justice, I tried to capture them the best way I could. /St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney/ /encounter with mooing cows/ /pancake and pie with berries/ /fragrant lemon garden/ /Luna and Milo/ /black swans/

Seven Things

/scones with jam and double cream at Kallista Tea Rooms/ We arrived in Melbourne Monday morning—my first trip ever to Australia! Greeted by what back then I would consider mild fall weather, the sudden cold got me quivering under my oversized knit sweater. Nevertheless, the temperature change was refreshing. And while Melbourne was mostly covered in clouds and some rain, our short road trip to Sydney through Albury and Canberra was met with lots of sunshine and blue skies. In between our incessant eating, I was content to be surrounded by the beautiful scenery, birds, flowers, and family and friends. We were told winter came a little late this year so we were lucky to get plenty of view of leaves turning yellow and red, something I miss very much. We travel around the country for ten days and I’m looking forward to be out and about. /green tea ice cream x dark chocolate waffle cone/ /the prettiest brioche french toast with edible flowers at Tosaria/ /my growing baby bump/ /parrot-watching in Canberra/ /Sunday matinée …

Seven Things

/fresh watermelon/ Many things excite me. I find that each week, there’s always at least one thing everyday that puts a smile on my face. And it’s good to remember them. So here are seven things that are making me happy this week. /view from our balcony/ /mashed avocado snack/ /frozen grapes—have you tried freezing grapes??/ /packing for Australia/ /home-baked peanut butter banana oat blender muffins/ /first baby kicks!!!/

What’s in My Work Bag

I’m always curious to know what people carry in their bags. While I used to be an extreme packer, I now keep things to a minimal for the sake of my personal organization and weak bones. I try to clean out my bag at the end of every day to discard any trash, receipts, and any other random trinkets I no longer need. Just for fun, I thought I’d share with you the contents of my work bag, essential things I haul to work day-to-day. When it comes to my work bag, I’ve stuck to this one simple trusty chestnut leather tote for years. I like it that it’s down-to-earth (not too flashy for work), practical, and compartmentalized. And though it gets overstuffed and a little pregnant at times, I haven’t found another bag worthy of its replacement. One. My 11” MacBook Air on which I do 100% of my work (with some play). Two. My iPhone 5S that I take with me everywhere I go, bathroom breaks included. Three. iPhone charger because bathroom breaks …

Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – April

At eighteen weeks, my belly feels like it’s already all over the place (I know there’s a better way to put it). Although R says if you didn’t know I was pregnant you wouldn’t be able to tell. We’ve finally moved into our brand new apartment! And we are loving it! Apart from having to do our own cleaning and washing, we are thoroughly enjoying every part of the place. There are a few things here and there that still need a little building and fixing, but we are just so thrilled to be living in our first home together. More about our new home later. As far as the pregnancy goes, the nausea has left for good and I am feeling much better than I did in the first trimester. We have gone to four doctor visits so far and everything looks normal. At our last doctor’s visit, we heard the baby’s heartbeat (audible since week 6!), counted ten fingers and ten toes, and watched baby’s movements which made me laugh uncontrollably. At Eighteen Weeks …

Pregnancy Post: A Look Back at My First Trimester

As of Wednesday, I’m fifteen weeks pregnant and feeling much better now that the past few months are behind me. While the first couple of months had me feeling constantly sluggish, tired, and sleepy, I’m now feeling the energy starting to slowly come back. On top of the daily fatigue which had me taking afternoon naps (which I’m never used to, not even as a kid), my first trimester was a compilation of: perpetual urination, difficulty to concentrate, low to zero productivity, nausea (no vomiting), aversion towards strong scents (particularly spices), distaste for egg, veggies, fried foods, and salmon (which I actually loved before), strange dreams, and in between fitting into my usual clothing and not thanks to my big, swollen breasts. It was altogether strange and exciting but besides the nausea and back-and-forth run to the bathroom (especially troublesome in the middle of the night), I don’t have much to complain about. And after hearing about the horrors of my other pregnant friends who can hardly eat and throw up uncontrollably at the faintest …

Pregnancy Post: We Are Expecting!

One of my favorite parts about the blog is sharing my life by way of documenting its pivotal chapters. Which is why I’m excited to share a new series I’ll be doing until the baby is born. Each post will include a list of items on the pregnancy, from my cravings and feelings to my dreams and moods. I can’t say enough how excited I am (as is R) to start our own little family and to one day, look back to this series. The Day We Found Out The day is Wednesday, 13 January 2016. I finally decided it was time to take the test. With the all-too-frequent runs to the loo, nausea, cramping, fatigue, and an unusually heightened craving for mushrooms, I’ve had my suspicions for the past two weeks. But I didn’t want to jump the gun. I had asked R to grab the test at the local drugstore the evening before so I could take it the next morning (I read morning pee is best). It’s funny that in anticipation, I …

Wedding Weekend: Sneak Peek Video

I’m excited to share with you a sneak peek into our big day. We love this short and sweet clip and can’t thank our videographers enough! And while we enjoy looking through our wedding photos and framing them, a moving picture captures moments in a way that simply couldn’t be told through photographs alone. I hope you enjoy it! You can read more on the wedding here: our look, the ceremony, the reception & afterparty, decor & details, stationery & souvenir, and my favorite seven moments. [embedplusvideo height=”502″ width=”840″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=HEyeW6xfEPA&width=840&height=502&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7371″ /]

Wedding Weekend: Seven Moments

/Morning madness with the girls/ Our wedding was a beautiful day filled with sunshine, flowers, laughs, and love. R and I couldn’t have asked for a happier time. And while we were thrilled to be surrounded by our closest friends and family and showered with celebration, R and I had a few quiet moments to ourselves which I cherish. Here are my seven favorite moments from the day. /My mom puts on my bracelet/ /Our first look/ /Exiting the ceremony/ /Bouquet toss/ /My bridesmaids’ giving their speech/ /Sparkler send-off heading off to the afterparty/