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/exploring the woods and sampling local mineral waters at Hepburn Springs/ Over the past ten days, we’ve made our way from Melbourne to Sydney through notably Albury and Canberra, and back to Melbourne, our final stop from where we’d fly back home. R and I don’t remember the last time we went away on such […]


/coastal drive on Grand Pacific Drive/ Call me countrified, but the only images I’ve had of Sydney were either painted on canvases or printed on postcards. While we initially only planned to visit Melbourne, I proposed driving to Sydney since it’s only about 9 hours away by car. The perfect weather made for delightful walks […]


On our drive from Melbourne to Sydney, we stopped by Canberra. I was glad to be in warmer weather, with plenty of sunshine, and surrounded by autumn foliage. We only had half a day and spent most of it outdoors, briefly passing through downtown to eat lunch. I couldn’t be happier with my pulled pork […]

Kallista Tea Rooms

Scones are delightful things. Whether it’s the American or British style, I love them both for any time of day—breakfast, supper, as a snack, and preferably toasted and warm. Flaky on the outside, soft on the inside, scones make for great guest treats too. If you’re used to the American kind, which not surprisingly contains […]

Juicy Bao

Anywhere we travel it’s impossible to miss Chinese food. And in between the sandwiches and steaks, we were in for some noodles and dumplings. Juicy Bao was recommended to us by a local friend, and it made for the perfect lunch spot while we window-shopped around Chinatown in downtown Melbourne. Because it was a late […]


/Zucchini Fritters with poached eggs, mushrooms, beetroot relish, dressed rockets, and pea tendrils/ Our first deed upon arriving in Melbourne: breakfast. I had heard so much about Tosaria from my parents and brother on their last trip, one among the many things I missed out on. On this visit, we are generously hosted by two […]

Top 10 Things To Do in Xi’an

1. XI’AN ART CERAMICS AND LACQUER FACTORY People—tourists, historians, archeologists—from all over come to Xi’an to see one thing: the Terracotta Army. Every group is assigned to one in-house guide who takes time to detail the making of the sculptures, step by step. The artisans use a mold or cast to form the general shape of the […]