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Homemade Chocolate Almond Butter Recipe

Who doesn’t love peanut butter?

Well, I guess some people don’t.

Well, guess what? That’s just wrong! What did peanut butter ever do to you that you could not like it?

Peanut butter is seriously one of THE best foods in the world (for me, at least). It is literally a lifesaver. Have you seen the news where the one main thing people store in case of emergency or disaster is peanut butter? I’m serious. That’s because it’s full of protein and fat, so it fills you up. It’s also versatile – great on bread, with jelly, with apples and bananas, shakes, as a sauce, and even as is (as is meaning take your biggest spoon that’ll fit into a peanut butter jar, scoop, and eat).

Although peanut butter is a delish tank-filler, I don’t know that the household blue-capped Skippy kind is actually healthy. It’s probably not. So I decided to try to make my own. But with almonds instead. And chocolate. Dark chocolate. I figured without all the other “extras” they put into a commercial Skippy jar, mine obviously won’t taste or look as sexy, so I thought…Chocolate!

Chocolate Almond Butter

The very basic recipe calls for almonds. And that’s it. Almonds contain a lot of oil in it, and when processed, will excrete its natural oils, turning what was once solid chunks into a creamy consistency. But I wanted to take this basic recipe several steps further. I added honey for a little sweetness and chocolate for, well chocolate.

Chocolate Almond Butter

First, blend almonds in a blender or food processor. You can toast the almonds ahead of time to achieve a nuttier flavor, but I just used regular, untoasted ones.

Chocolate Almond Butter

Within a minute, you’ll see the almonds start breaking down into tiny chunks.

Chocolate Almond Butter

Continue blending (the total blending time was about 20-30 minutes) until the mixture is packed and somewhat creamier, then add your melted chocolate (melt over a double-boiler to make sure you don’t burn the chocolate).

Chocolate Almond Butter

Continue blending until you get a smooth and creamy consistency.

Chocolate Almond Butter

The final step is to transfer your blended product into a jar. Next, you’re free to enjoy it with bread, crackers, mixed in with a smoothie, or as is! Think of it as eating chocolate-covered almonds? There you go – your very own homemade chocolate almond butter! Of course, you can always vary the recipe by substituting almond with peanut or skipping the chocolate (but why would you), adding some salt to taste, more or less honey, or some peanut oil…whatever you like. And because all the ingredients vary universally (toasted vs. raw, salted vs. unsalted almonds, the specific kind or sweetness of honey, the sugar content of the chocolate), and depending on how savory, sweet, nutty you like your butter, the ratio of the ingredients is completely up to you.

And if you want to take it even a step further, tie a red bow with a tag around the jar – makes for a delightful homemade gift! Experiment and have fun!

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