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A Must-Eat Street Food in Xi’an: Crispy Crêpe (煎饼)

Xi’an may be most well-known and visited for its historical sites. But naturally, somehow, we find ourselves gravitating towards edibles. For instance, this popular street food equivalent to a crêpe (煎饼). Between the hot steam rising from the pan and my hungry eyes, I couldn’t resist. It was to be my breakfast.

We intently watched as the youthful merchant skillfully poured the batter to form a crêpe circle, added what looked like fried wonton skin, an egg, some lettuce, and scallions, and wrapped it up the way one would a murtabak. I took my first bite (even though it was burning hot).

The softness of the skin, the crunch of the fried fritters, the savoriness of the egg – I melted inside. I made a mess around my mouth but I didn’t care. Tempted? You’ll find crêpe carts like this one all over the city in the mornings. And guess what? One crêpe only cost CNY 3.5 (USD 0.57 or Rp. 7.000)!

Need I say I recommend it? I’d say it’s a must-eat!

Chinese Crêpe

3-2Chinese Crêpe

Chinese Crêpe

Chinese Crêpe

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