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Craving Americanized Chinese? Come to Cha’s Restaurant

I love Chinese food. As a family, we eat it on a regular basis. But equally, I love Americanized Chinese food.

Think Panda Express and the like.

Think General Tso’s Chicken. Walnut Shrimp. Crab Rangoon. Egg Drop Soup.

Simple, comfort food that’s sure to fill me up. Or what my Dad would call “fake Chinese food.”

Alas, since I don’t live in the US anymore, not every day can be orange chicken day and egg foo young day. Needless to say, cravings are a part of my daily life.

And while I haven’t found a worthy equivalent of Americanized Chinese in Jakarta, Cha’s in Shanghai was sufficing. Seeing the restaurant packed with mostly youngsters, and having to wait in line for about 10 minutes, we couldn’t wait to have a taste!

Cha's Restaurant

Pineapple Bun with Sliced Butter | 8 RMB

We opened with a little something sweet and warm: the Pineapple Bun with sliced Butter (you absolutely cannot go wrong with this pairing) – perfect to enjoy with some hot milk tea:

Cha's Restaurant

Cha’s Milk Tea (Hot) | 16 RMB

The menu was lengthy. I knew I couldn’t choose. I mean, how was I to choose between sweet and sour pork ribs and spicy pork? It’d be like deciding between a beige- or cream-colored blouse. You know? Thankfully, my voracious brother came with a list of recommended items from several friends who had previously sojourned in Shanghai. Here’s everything we had: fried rice, fried rice noodles, some fish, pork, tofu, eggs, and veggies.

Cha's Restaurant

Fried Rice with Seafood and XO Chili Sauce | 40 RMB

Cha's Restaurant

Yau Mak Green Vegetable Fried with Garlic | 28 RMB

Cha's Restaurant

Garoupa with Sweet Corn Sauce | 52 RMB

This fish with corn dish absolutely reminded of the exact same item at Nam’s Noodle in Madison – it was unbelievable! Anyone who’s lived in Madison before, you’d know what I’m referring to.

Cha's Restaurant

Fried Rice Noodle with Sliced Beef  | 34 RMB

Cha's Restaurant

Cha’s Homemade Curry with Pork Chop | 52 RMB

Cha's Restaurant

Braised Tofu with Assorted Meat in Casserole | 46 RMB

Cha's Restaurant

Scrambled Egg with Shrimp | 42 RMB

Cha's Restaurant

A mountain of rice!

Cha's Restaurant

Nobody likes to admit it, but we often end up ordering too much. It’s what Indonesians term “hungry eyes” or lapar mata, meaning when you’re hungry everything attracts you, you think you can consume more than you actually can, and in the end you end up with too much.

My favorite were the Fried Rice, Yau Mak, Fried Rice Noodles, and Garoupa with Corn Sauce (for old time’s sake!). The most interesting one had to be the Curry Pork Chop – I’m sure it’s my first pork chop in curry sauce. Overall, the food was decent, and I would recommend it. It may be a place your parents may consider less authentic, but if you’re like me and you understand there’s no love like the love for Americanized Chinese food, you’d give Cha’s a chance.


Sinan Road Shop:
30 Sinan Rd
Shanghai, China
+86 21 6093 2062

Novel Place Shop:
Shop 18, B/F
131 Tianyaoqiao Road
Xuhui District
Shanghai, China
+86 21 3461 5618

Mon – Sun: 11 AM – 1:30 AM



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  1. Eric Koesnadi says

    Dear Stephanie,
    Hi, how are you?
    Just like you, I love Americanized-Chinese food.
    General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Orange Beef, Crab Rangoon, Chicken Wings, and so on.
    That’s why I started few months ago to test, create, and sell these type of foods in Jakarta.
    I named my restaurant: Rush Hour
    We would be very excited if you try our foods and see how they are compared to ones that you can find in US.

    Best regards,

    Eric Koesnadi
    Rush Hour Food

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