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Egg Nest Bistro

Egg Nest and Agnes–don’t confuse the two, although the name “Egg Nest” was in fact inspired by Agnes, the very name of the bistro owner–a cordial young lady who has her hands full managing the restaurant, hotel, and lounge.

Newly opened as the dining area for Oak Tree Hotel just above the restaurant, this eatery promises a good meal in the comfort comparable to that of your own home.

The menu was predominantly Western inclusive of steaks, fish fillets, pastas, as well as some Asian dishes. The overall flavors and ingredient combination weren’t spectacular, but decent nevertheless.

But for the price, they could definitely be more portion-generous. You’re looking at spending in the range of 120-150K per person.

Here are the dishes sampled:

Egg Nest Bistro

Egg Nest Special Salad | 58K
Poached egg, ham, and greens smothered in Hollandaise sauce

–The crunch of the “nest” complemented well the rest of the dish, which was a unique addition to a salad. I don’t normally order a salad, ever, but I’d have this one since it has less greens and more other not-so-wholesome elements like ham and the creamy Hollandaise sauce.

Egg Nest Bistro

Pan Fried NW’s Salmon | 98K
Salmon fillet over a bed of glazed greens, topped with basilico oil, served with white rice

Egg Nest Bistro

Beef Schnitzel | 98K
Crispy and tender beef tenderloin, crushed potatoes, grilled green asparagus, and thyme jus

–Taste and texture wise it was well done, but they could definitely hold back on the salt.

Egg Nest Bistro

Spaghetti Carbonara

Egg Nest Bistro

Butter-Roasted White Snapper | 88K
Mediterranean butter glazed white snapper, glazed market vegetables, harra sauce, and butter-whipped potatoes

–My most favorite dish of all the ones ordered.
The fish was perfectly cooked, and the sauce fresh and tangy.

Egg Nest Bistro

Braised Chicken | 78K
Braised chicken thigh with a special cream sauce, champignon mushroom, butter-whipped potatoes, and glazed market vegetables

–This is one dish they can really capitalize on because most everyone consumes chicken and chicken and cream sauce just go perfectly together. But portion wise, it was tiny, and a tad too greasy.

Egg Nest Bistro

Panna Cotta | 48K
Fresh vanilla-infused Italian panna cotta with sauce melba

–On the sweet side, but love love the silky and delicate texture of this sweet thing!

Egg Nest Bistro

Nested Pavlova | 48K
Their special meringue concoction with fresh fruits and cream

–This is one dessert you don’t see on many restaurant menus. Again, it was on the very sweet side for me. But otherwise, it was a wonderfully light eat that melts in your mouth.

Chocolate Parfait Merry-Go-Round | 58K
Upside-down chocolate parfait, homemade chocolate sauce on a chocolate nest

–Love the presentation, although the chocolate flavors were bland. They could opt for a much richer dark chocolate with this dessert and I think it would fair well.

Egg Nest Bistro

Jl. Sampit V No. 3
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(between Jl. Mahakam and Jl. Melawai)
T. (021) 7278 0828

Mon – Sun: 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM

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