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Loobie: Comic Crustacean Craze

The craze for seafood is all over Jakarta. Fortunately for those in the North, seafood restaurants are plenty, while for the rest in the South, not so much. But worry no more, for Loobie has opened its doors to all crustacean lovers. When I think of seafood, I think saucy, messy, and satisfying. It’s definitely not food I’d want to consume everyday, although my cravings kick in once in a while. I will now take a moment of silence to be grateful for the fact that I am free of seafood allergies of any kind (I really shouldn’t jinx it, cross my fingers). Unlike other food allergies, shellfish allergy, the most common food allergy in adults, tends to develop in adulthood and not in early childhood. My dad is allergic to shellfish, but can’t resist them. His fix: pop 1 or 2 Claritin, then enjoy.

All the depressing talk about allergies aside, what I find unique about Loobie is the concept of serving seafood simply and quickly, although the latter didn’t prove itself. Tucked in a corner right next to Turkish eatery Turkuaz, Loobie’s teeny eating and waiting areas were packed with hungry folks, some of whom ended up leaving because of the extended service time. Perhaps they might consider rolling a take-out counter for the rest of us who don’t want to wait in line for a seat?

If the title hasn’t given itself away, at Loobie, you can choose from their selection of grilled crustaceans: the Whole/Half Lobster Platter (IDR 95K/55K), Whole/Half Big Shrimp Platter (IDR 85K/45K), or Mix Platter of Lobster and Shrimp (IDR 125K), accompanied with a choice of Spicy Garlic or Sambal Matah sauce. The platter is served with steamed rice and you may choose to add a side of fried calamari. I’d say it’s quite affordably priced, for the area.



The food itself was just okay for me. Although I like the idea that you can eat seafood in the express way you can eat fast food (sort of), if I wanted have the whole seafood shebang, I’d go to other seafood eateries in the city. Then again, I get that this eatery, strategically located, is meant to be hip and catered for youngsters who’d find it cooler to take their friends rather than parents.

Jalan Gunawarman No. 32
Jakarta Selatan
Twitter: @loobielobster

Mon – Sun: 4:30 PM – 10 PM

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