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Mojo: Get yours here!

Mojo, or also commonly called gris-gris, literally meaning “charm” of “fetish,” is a voodoo amulet used in African American folk culture to ward off evil, bring good luck, and protect the wearer. But for our purposes, Mojo is a recently launched gastronomic establishment in Senopati, Jakarta. Perhaps the brand has something to do with the makers’ hope to “mojo” us with their culinary conjuring. 

​The overall feel of the restaurant is rustic–lots of wood, plain brown and black, vintage, and quite simple. Uniquely, the spirits were hung on rows of metal rods just above the bar–a sight to see and a definite space saver but I’m not sure how convenient and safe it is. A bartender has to be extra careful in hooking them on which hopefully, on busy nights, won’t take too much of their time or cause any accidents. 

​The menu was a fusion of burritos, spaghettis, fried rice, steaks, and burgers, and was in the range of 45K-125K. We wanted the classic burrito but they were out so we opted for the Korean style instead. The burrito was dry on the outside, as was the inside, although the flavors within were not bad. The chipotle glazed chicken, unfortunately, was undercooked as you can see, but the glazed carrots were wonderfully sweet and the lime-cilantro rice yummy and reminded me of Chipotle’s cilantro rice. It took a while for the chicken to be re-cooked and re-served, but the servers were polite and apologetic about it, and dished us up with a little complimentary scoop of mojito ice cream. Not sure why they didn’t just label it as sorbet since the consistency was much more sorbet-like–delightful but somewhat bitter (but it might just be how it’s supposed to taste).

At the end of the meal, our server mentioned that they will be adding more items to the menu and opening up for lunch soon. If you haven’t given this spot a try, you could plan on dinner and stay on for drinks. Since the place is bitty, I’d recommend coming in small groups, although booking the entire restaurant for a party could be a neat idea!



Korean Style Burrito
Short Ribs, cabbage, kimchi, cucumber pickles, “KB” sauce, lamb rice


Chipotle Glazed Herb Quarter Chicken
Lime-cilantro rice, glazed carrots, and charred scallion vinaigrette


Jl. Kertanegara no. 70
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 70070529

Mon – Sun: 11 AM – 12 AM

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