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Nasi Uduk/Ulam Ibu Yoyo

New discovery is at the heart of why I love photographing and writing about food. This particular spot is one of those I wouldn’t have walked into if it weren’t for my two epicurean friends who lived around this area The location was secluded; getting there required going through a narrow, uncharted alley “Gang Dogol.” 

The humble setting was warung style, complete with the typical Kecap Bango plastic table covers. This place has been around forever, and has gained quite a bit of media attention including a visit from food critic and chef Bondan Winarno of Wisata Kuliner. All that mattered little to me, but I knew this place was decideldy legit once I had a taste of the food. 

Nasi Uduk is comparable to other foods like Bakmi Ayam and Martabak in the sense that everyone has his or her own favorite, usually that being an acquired taste over time, often since childhood. I have my own nasi uduk favorite that I’ve had since I was a kid. And through the years, I’ve had many others–most just so-so (again, probably because my palates have already been tuned to look for a certain flavor in nasi uduk).

Nasi Uduk Ibu Yoyo

Nasi Uduk Yoyo was memorably enjoyable for its variety of toppings (rendang, empal, perkedel, ayam goreng, etc.) you can add to the rice itself, and the side dishes such as semur tahu, semur telor, gorengan kambing, etc. The chili (pictured right below) was what made it all the better–it was fresh, spicy, and slightly tangy. I’d recommend this place for you who want to have a taste of nasi uduk other than your everyday already favorited one. Price wise, you’re looking at spending in the range of 20-35K per person. And if you’re around the area and find yourself lost, ask anyone by the street for Nasi Uduk Ibu Yoyo–and they’ll know where to point. Although they more or less officially say they close at 11 pm, sometimes thenasi uduk runs out by 7 or 8 pm, so be sure to jump ahead!

Nasi Uduk Ibu Yoyo

Nasi Uduk Komplit

Nasi Uduk Ibu Yoyo

Semur Tahu Telor (Egg and Tofu Stew)

Nasi Uduk Ibu Yoyo

Gorengan Kambing (Lamb Soup)

Nasi Uduk Ibu Yoyo

Jl. Karet Pedurenan, Gang Dogol
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 9821 3513 

Mon – Sun: 7 AM – 11 PM

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