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Open Door Blogger Brunch Preview

When one door closes, another…

Open the door to Open Door! Officially open today, Open Door is a brand new trendy place to keep you looking and feeling young and hip. At last Saturday’s Blogger Brunch Preview, a congregation of us food devotees, eager to meet, greet, and eat, got a taste of what makes Open Door the next most happening pad in West Jakarta.

Located within the compounds of the Royal Mediterania Garden Residence, Open Door is unmissable (see detailed directions below). The design is dominated by a tasteful blend of recycled wood and metal, shaping up to look and feel like a well put together warehouse. The atmosphere is casual, a place to enjoy with good company.

With two al fresco dining areas, you have the option of being inside and out. While the sizeable anterior area is furnished with dining tables and chairs, the posterior houses bar tables and a ping pong table (how fun is that!). Perhaps they’d host a beer pong throwdown? I’d be in.

The menu has a decent selection, not too little and not too overwhelming. With quite a bit to choose from, Asian and Western, you may opt to order for share so everyone can have a little bit of everything (that’s if you’re into sharing). I admit I’m not always up for sharing, especially when it involves BBQpie, or chicken and waffles, or all of the above. But you’re better than me, I hope.

Open Door Blogger Brunch Preview

Open Door Blogger Brunch Preview

Open Door Blogger Brunch Preview

Open Door Blogger Brunch Preview

Curry Dust Wings | 39K

I haven’t had wings in so long and these ones, despite being petite, were yummy – crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. A favorite at our table.

Crispy Baby Calamari | 40K

Another favorite at our table. Because the calamari are baby-sized (literally), I felt guiltless. They were cooked crispy, with a little bit of spice. And in combination with the tang of the lime, I could see these babies quickly becoming a favorite!

Grilled Spring Chicken | 80K
Open Door’s signature marinated grilled half chicken with seasoned potato chunks.

A safe item – almost can’t go wrong with grilled chicken and a cream sauce. The meat was tender, the portion quite hefty.

Tom Yum Fried Rice | 50K
Thai-inspired spicy lemongrass fried rice with vegetables and seafood.

This wasn’t the most popular dish among us, but I actually liked it. You could definitely taste the tom yum flavor, and I never say no to rice. I’m just that Asian.

Kimchi Kalbi Burger | 60K
Braised beef short ribs, kimchi, and a sunny side up.

I like to imagine this as a Korean Sloppy Joe’s. And it kind of is! The bun was soft and moist, although I would’ve enjoyed the dish more if I had had it when it was still warm. And this is no one’s fault but mine, or should I say our collective fault because we spent as much time (or in fact more) snapping photographs from 80 different angles as we did consuming the food. I’d give this little guy another try next time!

What happens when you put food and food bloggers in the same room.

Working hard! And I seemed to be the only one thinking: when do we start digging in?

Orange Cooler | 28K     Grapefruit Mojito | 32K

Es Campur Panna Cotta | 32K

What a neat idea! I love es campur and I love panna cotta, so there’s nothing standing between us, although the panna cotta texture was a little too runny and watery (perhaps because it’s drenched in a liquid). A little too sweet for my taste, but if you love both of those things, give this one a try!

Tokyo Banana | 42K

Open Door’s rendition of the original Tokyo Banana. I eat bananas pretty much on a daily basis, so you know I don’t hate it. And pairing it with peanut butter and/or caramel just tops it off good. I imagined the texture to be more pound cake-like, and this one was just cake-like (think of regular yellow cake tart). And although I love the presentation (especially the little stem-like triangular chocolate bits), my sweet tooth thought it was a tad too sweet too, and I could hardly taste the banana in it.

Spending wise, the food is reasonably and affordably priced; you’re looking in the range of 100-150K per person. So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, hop on over to Open Door! For more food pics to drool over, check out our Instagram.

Thank you Emil, Steven, Willy, and blogger friends for a fun exchange!

Jl. Letnan Jendral S. Parman Kav. 28
Podomoro City
Royal Mediterania Garden Residence Lobby
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia 11470

Go straight past Mal Taman Anggrek on your left, pass Central Park, then turn left. Keep going straight, passing rows of shops (ruko), then make the first U-turn. Go past Bank BII on your left, then make a left to the lobby complex of Royal Mediterania Garden Apartment. Open Door will be on your left.

T. (021) 2942 7007
F. (021) 2942 7006
BB. 22A63431

Mon – Sun: 11 AM – 11 PM

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