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Shirokuma: Beware of the Great White Bear, He’s High. On Sugar.

Shirokuma (shiro meaning white and kuma bear in Japanese) is quickly becoming a popular favorite on the block. A Japanese-inspired dessert cafe, Shirokuma delights customers of all ages with its savory dogs (relax, we mean hot dogs) and sweet medleys of ice cream, mochi, cake, and more. Since its opening about a week ago, this delightful little nook has attracted an eager, whopping flock (I heard they even had to turn down some customers due to the crowd).

Thankfully, they did not turn us down. And yes, were we in for a treat! Being graceful eaters, we of course started with the savories–the Terimayo DogTonkatsu Dog, Kuro Japadog, and Okonomi Dog. Although a savory food, the hot dogs had a touch of sweetness to them. The sausages (there’s pork) were surprisingly tasty (I say surprisingly because I rarely find hot dogs with good sausage in town). And they weren’t the skinny, scrawny kind; they were a good size and woud fill you up. And although I enjoyed the hot dogs, I would’ve preferred less sauce.

From the savory, we moved on to the sweet (although the direction was two-way and back and forth). Most everything at Shirokuma is made in-house, and I love how much attention proud owner Michelle pays to details. The interior decor feels light and airy, with hints of bright colors here and there. A feast for the eyes (and the mouth), each dish is beatifully and thoughtfully prepared and presented. With ice cream came mochi, layered with red bean, layered with cake, layered with cornflakes, and layered with glutinous balls. And with each bite, a sweet element reveals itself.






Terimayo Dog42K
Hotdog with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and nori.



Matcha Shiratama Float33K
Iced matcha latte topped with soft ice cream and shiratama balls.

Chocolate Parfait37K
Soft Cream layered with cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, Pocky, and crushed oreos.

Matcha Cake Parfait 37K
Soft Cream layered with matcha cake, cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, red bean paste, and matcha jelly.

Savory to sweet, back to savory, back to sweet, and so on.

Snow Affogato35K
Soft cream and cotton candy with a side of hot espresso.

Fried Oreos

Snow Matcha Affogato35K
Soft cream and cotton candy with a side of hot matcha espresso.

With the assortment of tastes and textures at Shirokuma, we must not forget to mention one of my favorites: Fried Oreos. Why must oreos be fried? I don’t know. Somehow when an oreo is coated by a donut, I get excited. It’s that simple (and complex at the same time). I was in a zone of nostalgia and frenzy. It got a little emotional (just inside). My secret drama aside, I recommend you hop on over to Shirokuma for a little bliss. Stay tuned for seasonal flavors to come soon! Thank you Michelle and Shirokuma for introducing the great white bear!

For more photos to drool over, check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 32
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14460
(021) 2923 7523

Mon – Thurs: 11 AM – 10 PM
Fri – Sun: 11 AM – 12 AM

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