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The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali, with New Menu Exclusive to #TheHolyIsland

Our table affair with The Holy Crab began almost a year ago. The first time was a treat. The second a feast. And at tonight’s tasting, we were in for a surprise! Ushering in the new year, The Holy Crab is swimming its way to the holy island of Bali this week, specifically to the Petitenget, Seminyak area. And with a new outlet comes a new menu, of course. So for all you crustacean fanciers in Bali, the wait is over!

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

So what have we to look forward to with the new carte? You’ve guessed it: rolls! Here we have the classic Lobster Roll (180K), Crab Roll (50K), and Shrimp Roll (35K), with the optional topping of The Holy Crab’s Original Sauce. The rolls were pre-toasted with butter (thank goodness, as it should) and the meat toppings were liberal. You don’t see very many seafood rolls being served in town, so I’d say these ones are a pretty good bet.

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

Next, crab cakes. Something I hardly get to eat in Jakarta, but a classic that I love. These ones were plump and stuffed with, well, crab. Flavor wise, decent, however a little less salt would’ve made them more palatable.

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

Now, onto the mud crab cooked in The Holy Crab’s Original Sauce: orange, garlicky, and a tad spicy. As I dig into its claws, I’m reminded of the time these little guys gave me garlic fingers, whose smell lingered even after washes after washes with water and soap (oh, well).

I suppose once we’d had a taste of the Dungeness Crab at our last visit, this mud crab couldn’t compare. Although there was quite a sizeable amount of meat to go around, the flavor just wasn’t as sweet and juicy.

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

It’s always nice when a friend does the work for you, isn’t it?

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

Our next main consisted of shrimp cooked in a salt, pepper, and garlic sauce. And while I was expecting a bold flavor, this one came out mild and somewhat ambiguous. Wasn’t sure if they were going for savory, peppery, garlicky, or spicy since there was a tiny bit of everything but not enough of one to stand out in character. Again, I recall the shrimp at our first visit to be juicier, sweeter, and more flavorful.

The Holy Crab Swims its Way to Bali

Another bloodbath yet again. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that their fish and chips still won my heart, as they did the first time. The batter is light and crisp, the fish tender and buttery, the way you want your fish and chips to be.

As always, thank you Chef Albert, Willy, and The Holy Crab for treating us to a generous meal and for keeping our cholesterol levels in check. And congratulations on the opening of The Holy Crab on #TheHolyIsland of Bali – we’ll be sure to pop our heads in!

Jl. Gunawarman No. 55
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110
(021) 2923 6155

Mon – Thurs: 5 – 10 PM
Fri – Sat: 12 – 3 PM; 5:30 – 10 PM

Jl. Petitenget No. 50
Seminyak, Bali
(0361) 474  1391

Mon – Sun: 5 – 12 PM

Instagram: @theholycrabid


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