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The Steak House

Each steak is unique. Depending on the particular cut you enjoy, steaks range from the humble–the thin and lean–to the showy–thick, chunky, meaty, and usually accompanied with extra flab. Although most steaks come with a side of sauce, I like savoring mine plain (hopefully salted and peppered, of course) in order to fully taste the meat flavor and texture.

Having frequented this particular Bite Spot, I have to say it has been consistent in quality of ingredients, taste, plating, portion, and service. Beef steaks may be their specialty, but their fish fillets, salads, hors d’oeuvres, and side dishes are well-cooked as well.

It was my Dad’s birthday, and he’s a steak guy, so we thought we’d go back to the familiar and sure. I’m always an advocate for sampling the new, and my dad is now skeptical because of several failed attempts. Anyway, it was his birthday, not mine, so he was King!

It was the three of us dining, and here’s everything we had, from start to finish:

The Steak House

Warm crispy toasted Crostini with a side of pâté, baby pickles, and peppercorn mustard.
–I hide away from anything pickle but if you’re pickle-brave, and if you’re a fan of pâté on bread, you’d love this!

The Steak House

Baby Spinach Salad in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing topped with thinly sliced pears, chunks of caramelized pecans, and goat cheese.

–Definitely not mine. Balsamic vinaigrette turns me off! I’d rather eat a salad dressingless than with anything balsamic. Goat cheese–not my favorite either. But this combination of ingredients is very popular, becoming a classic I think and one that I know a lot of people (not me) love.

The Steak House

Tuna Tartar tossed with onions, red, yellow and green bell peppers, accompanied by a couple toasted crostini topped with a generous serving of chopped avocados, and a mix of bell peppers, cilantro, red onion, onion, and a citrus dressing.

–A fresh, creative concoction of different species of ingredients. Who’d thought to mix raw fish with avocado and then add bread to it? I love this as an appetizer! Really opened up my taste buds for more bites to come.

The Steak House

Australian Sirloin Steak accompanied with mushroom sauce, with a side of onion rings.

–The Onion rings were unusually thick and plump! The steak, as you can see–lots of juice and quite a bit of flab, well-cooked.

The Steak House

Catch of the day:
Grilled Barramundi accompanied by these sauces: mushroom and beurre blanc, with a side of steamed veggies.

–Perfect for those of you who aren’t avid steak people, but have to order at a steak house anyway. Again, I had this without any sauce, good to go simply with salt and pepper (and I believe a little lemon juice).

Side Dishes:

The Steak House

Creamed Spinach
–Very rich and creamy (doh!), recommended for sharing; a little goes a long way.

Truffle Mac and Cheese
​–I’m used to the blue box Kraft cheddar mac and cheese–extremely orangey cheesy, cheap-tasting and undoubtedly artery-clogging. This one is unlike it; it’s the expensive-tasting kind of mac and cheese.

The Steak House

Layered Chocolate Fudge Cake
–Just so-so. Cakes and other desserts at this Bite Spot–you can definitely get more appealing ones at other Bite Spots in Jakarta.

The Steak House

Jackfruit Cheesecake
–Didn’t really taste the jackfruit in this cake. More cakey than cheesecakey.

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