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Tonkatsu Burger at McDonald’s Hong Kong

This is what happens as a result of traveling–the uncustomary long all-day walks giving a shock to our weak, spoiled, and untrained bodies. That’s my excuse. I arrived back at the hotel after a long day (of fun, nevertheless) and dinner, having brushed my teeth and winding down in bed. After about an hour of quality time with the iPhone, tossing and turning, my body nudged me via a few signals (which I won’t share) to get food inside of me.

I headed next door for my brother’s room and ate his half-eaten ham and cheese sandwich and half-drunk kiwi juice. Waited a minute. The nudging lingered. I gave in.

Thankfully, my brother, who is always trying to get me to eat (in an evil, attempting-to-get-me-fat kind of way), offered to run to the McDonald’s across. Okay, it was more like I begged him to. It worked!

Tonkatsu Burger at McDonald's Hong Kong

Back on the bed I went, this time with a Tonkatsu Burger in one hand, a chicken nugget in the other, and a fry somewhere in between. What can I say? The Tonkatsu Burger was awesome in more ways than one. For one, it does taste like junk food (if you’re buying junk food, you want to make sure it tastes like junk food). And beyond. The tonkatsu meat was tender, juicy, and meaty. The patty tasted nothing like one of those ground up, could-be-a-mix-of-any-meat kind of patty. It was whole and true, like eating an actual tonkatsu over don at a Japanese restaurant. And as for the nuggets, they’re bad for health I know. But I finished the entire box. Along with the medium fries I shared with my Dad. What next? Headed back to my room and had a peaceful night’s sleep. Amen.

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