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Europe On Screen 2013

Europe on Screen 2013 is an annual film festival which will screen 72+ European films, from 30+ European countries, in 10 days, at 12 venues throughout 7 cities, all held between 3-12 May 2013. The European Film Festival (EFF), “Europe on Screen,” was held for the first time in 2003 by the European cultural institutions in Indonesia. The success of this festival led to its integration into the Jakarta International Film Festival in 2004. This co-operation continued until 2006. Since 2007, the European Film Festival become an independent event. By its independence, the EFF is seeking to become a recognized part of the cultural events calendar of Indonesia.

3 May 2013 was the Festival Opening Night to which I was invited to see The Fourth State (Die vierte Macht), a 2012 German film about A journalist, played by Dennis Gansel, who gets caught up in a terrorist plot in Moscow while investigating the Russian secret service. Below is the movie trailer in case you are interested. The Opening Night was hosted by The European diplomatic and cultural representations in Jakarta, including remarks by H.E. Mr. Julian Wilson, Ambassador/Head of Delegation of the European Union, H.E. Dr. Georg Witschel, The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Mr. Orlow Seunke, Festival Director.

The Fourth State is rated 5.8/10 in IMDB, which I won’t dispute. Gansel’s character was well suited and played by the actor. But somehow the film in its entirety just didn’t quite have the “bam” effect. The thing that stuck with me most was how blatantly the makers of the film were trying to paint a picture of Russia as a hellhole of terrorism, injustice, and violence. Personally I wouldn’t particularly recommend this film. And when you’ve seen enough Hollywood movies, other flicks just can’t compare.

For all you movie buffs out there, Europe on Screen is still running until 12 May 2013. Visit Europe on Screen to learn more about what the festival offers. Here’s the festival full screening schedule. If your weekend plans are still in between nothing and nada, you might want to check out the festival for a taste of something different, cinematically. Enjoy!

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