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10 Annoying Pet Peeves We Wish We Didn’t Have to Deal With

Like it or not, they’re all around us.

Our pet peeves have a way of sneaking themselves into our everyday lives, as if annoying us gave them the biggest and only pleasure.

Ok, that was a little dramatic.

And even though little things that happen around us seem to happen for the sole purpose of feeding our grey hairs, at the end of the day, most of them just end in laughs.

Or eventually they will.

Or not.

Here are 10 of ours, with more to come of course.



1. When you hold the door for someone and he or she doesn’t say “Thank You.”

Annoying? No, that’s just rude. You know the door didn’t magically hold itself. You clearly saw a person turn his back around to hold the door for an extra 2 seconds. What does it take for you to say those two simple words? Come on people, it’s commonplace civility. This used to surprise and almost confuse us, but over time, we just laugh about it.

2. When a car overtakes you and then drives ever so slowly.

And to add to that, the driver is either texting or calling. It’s like you’re intently trying to piss off the person behind you. Well, it’s working. Look, it’s simple. The fast lane is for cars going fast, and the slow lane is for cars going slow. Hey, we don’t mind being overtaken, but we mind being overtaken only to be forced to stare at your bumper sticker-ambushed rear window. Pick a lane and stick to it.

3. When someone is abusively pressing the button on an elevator as if that would speed up its mechanics.

I suppose, universally, it makes us feel like we are speeding things up by repeating a particular action. But guess what? All we are doing to the poor elevator button is harassing it. Please, show the elevator some respect and let it do its thing on its own time. Agonizing it will only cause panic and possibly stress sweat.

4. When people stand right in front of the cubicle door instead of forming a line behind whoever came first.

This, I am sure, only happens in the Ladies’ bathroom because who knows what we do in that tiny space that takes forever. I mean, there are only 2 things you could be doing in there, am I right? Or perhaps there are other things you could do in there that I don’t know about. So inevitably, there’s often some wait involved when you’re just trying to pee. And instead of forming a line according to who came in first, people would stand right in front of the cubicle door (you can choose your preferred door) and wait for the person inside to come out. It may not be a huge deal to those who are used to this system, but when you’re at a packed concert with a packed bladder, and all you want is to let it all out, you’ll be thinking differently. And be alert, some seemingly nice ladies may even try to cut in front of you (even though you are clearly standing in front of the door). When this happens, well, don’t let it happen.

5. When people don’t put things back where they found them.

It isn’t the difference between being a “hot mess” versus having OCD. It’s about making it easier on yourself and for others who have to find the things you choose to put anywhere and everywhere. Yes, for me, a messy space is a pet peeve, but it’s really not that hard to pick up an item and then place it right back where you just picked it up from. Please, make it easier for your roommate, your co-workers, your sisters/brothers/mom/dad at home to find things around the house.

6. When waiters don’t tell you your order is not available right off the bat.

You’ve decidedly tuned your mind and tongue in anticipation of your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant. The waiter has graciously taken your order, and you are seated excitedly in your chair sipping your iced tea. But then 5 minutes later, the same waiter comes back to tell you that your favorite order is not available. Apparently, it’s a lot of other people’s favorite too, not just yours. So right there and then, you just want to flip the table and say “screw this, I’m not eating here.” But you’re terribly hungry and don’t have the strength to walk out back into the car and drive somewhere else. So all you can do is ask to have a relook at the menu.

7. Heck, when all of your orders are supposedly “sold out.”

There are just those days when, really, every single thing you order at a restaurant is allegedly “sold out.” Never experienced it before, but I’ve witnessed it happening to friends.

8. When they don’t serve sugar on the side like you asked.

We know how sugary drinks at restaurants tend to be, well, sugary. So when ordering our favorite drinks, we like to ask for sugar on the side. Most of the time, they listen. But when they don’t get it right, it’s like, you just want to fake your diabetes and ask them to take it back. In fact, you should.

9. When people try to enter an obviously full elevator instead of letting others get off first.

Everyone will eventually get on, you just have to have faith. The simple logic behind a packed elevator is that if you’re not already in it, you won’t fit in it. All it takes is to let everyone off first in order for the elevator to empty itself out to fit you. Believe it or not, the elevator has your best interest at heart. It wants to make you feel comfortable without having to crowd around. An added bonus? Not having to brush yourself against sweaty arms.

10. When your device does not support 3G.

OK, this is not anyone’s fault. I just happen to have a device that’s Wi-Fi only. It’s really not that bad most of the time. It’s only slightly annoying when the only Wi-Fi around is the kind you have to pay for. I don’t understand that concept.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

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