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10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single (Part 2)

In our last post 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single (Part 1), we had a few thoughts. And do we have more to say!

Here are 10 more coming your way.

1. You’d rather feel alone than overcome your shyness.

You want to belong, but you’re terrified of rejection. You see the social arena as a deep dark sea of dragonroachsharks that will bite you as soon as they sense the slightest hint of awkwardness or shyness. You are at a party in a room full of bright and beautiful people, and all you want to do is go home and tuck yourself under the duvet. You haven’t quite mastered the idea of “being in the moment.”

2. You don’t take things easy.

Basically you allow yourself to be a doormat. At one point, some guy lends you a little bit of attention and you’re all over him like he is the pepperoni to your pizza or the meatball to your spaghetti. After two dates, he decides he’s not so into you after all. But you’re already so invested! So you turn into this obsessive, possessive person who is all over him, checking up on him every hour. And you’re offended when he stops texting and blocks your number.

3. You let others treat you less.

You are a prize he should be so lucky to win, if ever. You are like the top of the cake, on top of the icing, on top of the ice cream, on top of the whipped cream, on top of the chocolate chunks, and whatever else goes on top the chocolate. Instead you choose to be the crust which happens to be a little burnt and always at the very bottom. Case in point: he calls you whenever he feels like it and you, desperate (there I said it!), pick up at the first ring, run to his every request, and fulfill his every need. What you don’t know is: when he can’t find you at the first try, he’s probably calling the next Sandra on his list.

4. You act like his momma.

Boys love their mommas. And that’s partly because we don’t get to choose our momma. She cooks, cleans, sews, and does a million and one other thing for us. She may nag, scold, and beat us up, but we will love her no matter what and she, us. We women are, by nature, more nurturing than men. And intentionally or not, we try to show him the love a mother would show: kind and unconditional, at times tough. Truth is, when he hasn’t earned it, do not give it to him. You being like his momma is not a good thing. It turns him off.

5. You aren’t the hero of your story.

Your favorite films feature the dashing and fabulous, the wealthy and successful, the sexy and foxy. But all that is naturally offset by the inferior and ugly, poor and ordinary, coarse and grotesque. You’ve convinced yourself that you were born to be the ugly duckling, and distressingly, one that will never transform into a beautiful swan. In this life, your beautiful friends get to be gorgeous and triumphant all their lives whereas you were born to play the ordinary and doleful.

6. You are so quick to judge.

He wears stripes over stripes. And those hideous mustard yellow Converse – are they even still a thing? Those coffee-stained teeth. And the blackheads resting on his nose. The noise his keys make when they jingle. His obsession with comics. Not to mention his stubborn and unruly bold brows. Oh, and have I also mentioned he is an Android guy? Listen to your thoughts. How would you feel if he, in his seemingly quiet mind, is listing out 37 different things wrong with the way you are and mapping out an escape plan?

7. You care too much about what others think.

So you run into a guy that intrigues you, and better, who seems genuinely interested in you. But his abs aren’t stacked in six, he didn’t go to some fancy school you and your friends did, and he rode in a Japanese car the last time you met. What would my parents think? What would my tennis buddies say? Would my boss take him seriously?

8. He is intimidated by you.

Or at least that’s what you think. Or what your other single friends want you to believe. HA-HA. He. Is. Not.

9. He is too pretty.

Are his teeth perfectly white? Has his baby soft skin never left him? Does he wake up in the morning looking even cuter? Has he little to no hair on his legs and arms? Are you worried you’d be the less attractive one of the two?

10. He’s not your type.

What does having a type even mean? Really. Does he not qualify because he has blonde hair and your supposed type is slightly auburn? Or are you less than excited about his passion for guns because you imagine he’d be more into goldfish? What does having a type even mean? Really.

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