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14 Things That Are Okay To Fight About In A Relationship

We love the people close to us.

But let’s be real, sometimes they drive us crazy.

And we drive them equally crazy.

But no honest relationship is without at least some bickering or pie-throwing-at-face (just kidding, we hope).

Unless of course you are Barbie and Ken or Snow White and Prince Charming.

But hey, quarrels aren’t always a bad thing. They help us see the good and bad, enable us to get to know each other better, and hopefully bring us closer together.

The good new is, there are certain things that are absolutely okay to fight about!

From deciding which channel to watch to which ice cream flavors to choose, we think these 14 things are worth a little wrangling over. And just in time for the long-anticipated (or dreaded) V-day, share this list with a loved one, and while you’re at it, pick on them.

So, let the battles begin!

1. Who Gets To Do The Dishes.

The person who prepares the meal should never be subjected to dish-washing. So if you didn’t cook tonight’s pot of gumbo, better get ready to be in charge of those sticky icky bowls.

2. The Temperature.

It’s too cold for me but it’s too hot for you. I’m not sure what to do. I guess I’ll put on a sweater and a pair of socks.

3. When One Person Picks A Bad Movie.

Bad movies are a cause for a lot of bad things. Including suddenly hating everything. Just don’t be that person who picks bad movies.

4. Swearing Unnecessarily.

Swearing can be fun for some people and in some situations. But swearing when it’s uncalled for? And worse, repeatedly? The swear words end up losing their meanings. Just. Stop.

5. When One Person Keeps Singing The Wrong Lyrics.

This just gets about as annoying as singing off-beat (intentionally) or coming in before the song (again, intentionally). When your partner is doing these things to annoy you, make sure you call him out. Spell out the correct lyrics for him.

6. Who Is Less Likely To Be President—Jamie Foxx or Will Ferrell.

Of course it’s Will Ferrell! At least Jamie Foxx has played a President before. Will Ferrell will probably never become President. It’d just be too weird. We’d all be forced to watch Funny or Die videos all day. YouTube would possibly be dead.

7. Who Is Funnier Between The Two Of You.

We all like to think we are hilarious. People like and laugh at our jokes. They tell us, “Oh, you’re so funny!” And we believe it. Nothing wrong with that. Except when your partner apparently thinks he is the funnier one. Well, he’s not.

8. When The Other Person Doesn’t Listen.

It’s perfectly warranted to get irritated when the other person doesn’t listen. Listening is among the top 5 things you should be doing in any relationship. Get on board.

9. Superstitions.

Some people really get into superstitions. Others think it’s dumb. Let’s just leave it at that.

10.Who Ate The Last Piece of Pie.

Whoever decided he owned the right to the last piece of pie or cake is wrong. Unless the pie had his name on it. Last pieces of pies are meant to be shared.

11. Sharing A Bed.

One sizeable bed ideally fits two people comfortably. Two people. Comfortably. But we don’t live in an ideal world, do we? So the occasional (or habitual) blanket-hogging or turf-monopolizing will happen. When it does, take charge, do what you need to do—tug, pull, push—by any means necessary.

12. Ice Cream Flavors.

Okay, deciding between two ice cream flavors is hard. Deciding on one is nerve-wrecking. One of you will want chocolate, and the other, strawberry. Just hope neither is dying for vanilla, then we’d have a huge problem. The same goes for milkshakes, yogurts, bubble teas, and etc.

13. Which Channel To Watch.

Discovery Turbo or The Food Network? The Food Network, of course. It’s got food.

14. Chicken Tenders VS. Chicken Wings.

Tenders pros: no bone, no messy fingers. Wings pro: juicier meat. Tender cons: sometimes dry meat. Wings con: sauce-smothered fingers. We still haven’t cracked this one.

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