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Happy 1/365!

2014 has been awesome and full of surprises (good ones, of course). And I know 2015 will be even more kick-ass. And even though life is far from perfect, we can’t get enough of it. We work and play, we laugh and cry, we hurt and we love. And we repeat. Life is what keeps us going. And although it isn’t always champagne and glitter, we are all given the same 24 hours in a day. What we choose to do with them is up to us.

So in light of my excitement for the new year, I have compiled a list of my most magical moments from last year, things/places/people/moments/happenings that have made me learn, discover, smile, laugh, and feel warm and fuzzy inside. And this year, instead of creating a catalog of new year’s resolutions (which usually barely last a week), I decided to write down a “more” and “less” list of things I want to do more and less of. And of course as with many things, you, my lovely readers, are the first to know. I hope you enjoy my lineup and I would love for you to share your favorite moments of 2014 in the comments box below.

Enjoy and cheers to the new year!

  A non-exhaustive list of my Magical Moments of 2014:
Traveling to Indochina.
Getting engaged.
– Upgrade and facelift for Chléa Living (old zip, new zing, YAY!)
– Jokowi became President.
– Blood test results: no cause for worry.
– Did not faint during my blood test.
– Overnighted at a hospital to keep a loved one company.
– Uncovered the secret to packing light for travel.
– Tapping into my inner Sherlock Holmes a first, and second time.
– Loving my Zumba workouts!
– My first taste of snake whiskey.
– Frozen the movie (watched it 4 times within 4 days in a row).
– My mom is (quietly) a professional cockroach slayer.
– Cooked a 5-dinner course for my parents’ 31st anniversary.
– Gravity (the movie) made me realize how everything I complain about in life means little to nothing and how much I don’t want to go to be stuck in space, or ever go to space, ever.
– Learned to make homemade noodles from scratch.
– Turning a quarter of a century old (aaa!)
– Taking a long walk at Hong Kong Park.
– TV appearances for food and lifestyle features here, here, and here.
– Had an all-spaghetti week (I love pasta, okay?).
– Watching The Mindy Project in bed with a bowl of mac and cheese.
– My love for Kupat Tahu OMG.
– 2.5K+ followers on Instagram.
– Learned how to make gnocchi the italian nonna way.
– Voted for the first time.
– Walked around Angkor Wat, one the most important archeological sites in Southeast Asia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
– Ping pong table in the middle of the living room (why not?).
– Singing along with street musicians at Alun Alun Selatan, Yogyakarta, alongside some warm wedang ronde (a ginger soup with peanut-filled mochi) and susu jahe (ginger milk).
– Joined the crowd at Electric Run.
– Won a food photo contest.
– Blessed with rice on forehead at Tanah Lot, Bali.
– Tried on the white dresses for the first time.
– Bought and used a monopod (one of the major highlights of the Laos trip).
– Learned to cook Lao food.
– Saw the French film Supercondriaque on the plane – ridiculous, hilarious, a must-rewatch!
– Mom’s playing of Chopin’s Andante Spianato, one of the most beautiful pieces ever.
– Visited one of China’s Seven Wonders: the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum.
– Made my first scone.
– Dad’s homemade Bak Ku Teh.
– Learned to tie a bowtie.
– Planned and attended my first bridal shower for a dear friend.
– Christmas potluck/reunion at my home with amazing friends and food.
Won a gigantic sake flask at a food event.
– Weekend painting.
– Wedding planning 101 (to be continued).

– talking
– noise
– being indoors
– buying
– complaining
– fuss
– serious
– judgmental
– shopping
– negative energy
– excuses

– listening
– calm
– going outdoors
– meditation
– homemade smoothies
– creating
– sweating
– mac and cheese
– laugh ’till everybody cries moments
– silly
– grateful
– singing in the shower
– dancing
– karaoke
– hustling
– glitter
– painting
– traveling
– positive energy
– durian
– balloons
– cake
– pizza
– pizza
– pizza

Pizza is important.

Anyway, what are your absolute favorite moments of 2014? Share them with us below!

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