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Things Girls Get Away with during That Time of the Month

The monthly cycle—the single most unforgettable experience a girl can have.

How could we forget?

It comes to us every. single. month.

Predictably too!

And even though we should in fact be thankful because a regular period signifies a healthy body, this bloody monthly episode gets to us, or rather, is out to get us. In turn, you may feel we are out to get you (and/or vice versa). But trust us, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to be spared of the pangs and throbs of the cycle.

Here’s the truth: we may or may not be our complete normal selves, and here are some things we (like to think) we can get away with during that time of the month. This list is by no means exhaustive (and we admit we are crazier in some departments more than others), so feel free to add your two cents in the comments section below!

Skipping the gym.

Yes, we know that it’s supposed to be good for you to still exercise during your period. We know. With or without the period, it’s good to exercise. But our bodies are cranky, all right? And so are we. So yeah, we are going to just be right here with our bag of nachos and tub of cream in the form of ice.

Eating like a pregnant hippo.

We already love food to begin with. Give us our cycle? We loooove food. To the moon and back. It’s a non-stop feast of fries, chicken wings, and pasta for us. What would become of us if and when we are actually in a pregnant state?

Hating everything.

Why is it so sunny today? Why was it rainy yesterday? Why is the grass green? Green peas?!

Wearing baggy clothes.

While we love dressing up for an occasion, don’t expect us to be strutting around in a bodycon dress or sky-high heels. We want to keep it comfy and loose. And we almost don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Needing therapy.

Some need the retail kind, others the massage and spa kind of therapy. We are no exaggerating when we say the pain is all over, from head to toe. So a little pampering usually helps.

Feeling fat.

It’s normal to feel bloated during that time of the month. And it’s normal for us to feel fat, to feel like a giant snowball rolling around, getting larger and larger.

Complaining. About everything.

And then of course what would the monthly cycle be without a little (or a whole lot) of complaining? A complaint about the green grass here, a complaint about the red cherries there, and then everything else in between. Go figure.

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