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Valentine’s Day: to love or to loathe

There are three kinds of people on Valentine’s Day: couples, hopeful singles, and a bunch of unconcerned and disinterested people.  Love it or hate it—it’s coming our way.  This one, seemingly innocuous day out of the three hundred and sixty-five in a year could be the culprit behind anger and low self-esteem management therapies, obesity due to imprudent consumption of alcohol or cake or both in a night, and a spike in the number of babies being born in the month of November.

We all welcome and revel in the extra attention and benefits our loved ones hand to us (even if it’s on one isolated day in a year), don’t we?  All this lovey dovey, palsy walsy affection—why is the whole world predictably choosing to show it on this very day every year?  Why not everyday?  We don’t need to wait until February 13 every year to have a panic attack because the flowers we wanted to get for our partner are not in season.  A gift is something you can give any day of the year, on any occasion, and for me, especially on those days of no occasion at all.  That is what makes it extra special to me—like getting chocolate sprinkles on top of caramel on top of whipped cream.

But whether you are a fan or hater, or if you’re like me—indifferent—here’s a list of not so ordinary ideas to try this year to keep you and your partner happily occupied and you haters less bitter about this day of chocolates and roses (ugh).

12 Doable Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day​

1. Go on a progressive dinner—have an appetizer at one restaurant, the main course at another, dessert at another, and end with drinks at a bar.

2. Cook together—if your partner or you are usually the one preparing the meals, here’s a perfect opportunity for you to do it together. It’ll give you a chance to share the blame in case the meatballs are burned and the house lights up in flames.

3. Donate blood—go with your partner, or with a group of friends. If you feel weak at the sight of blood, just watch.

4. Take a class together—check out Fokado and choose from a variety of options from pottery, cooking, tea-making to riding, fencing, and dancing.

5. Play a sport—choose one that all players can enjoy. Bonding in sweat is never a bad idea. Some suggestions: Muay ThaiPilatesCapoeiraZumbaHot Yoga

6. Camp in your backyard—I know we live in the tropics, but the current rainy season brings in some cool breezes we should all take advantage of. Tune in to your music of choice, set up a tent, and make smores over open fire.

7. Host a potluck—great for couples and even better for singles!

8. Try a new cuisine—Greek, Spanish, Turkish, or Mexican (Taco Local)?

9. Make breakfast or dinner in bed—one of the few days in the year it is okay to have food in the bedroom.

10. Watch a foreign film—learn a phrase of two, laugh, and get confused together! Check out what CCF (now IFI) has to offer.

11. Karaoke—End the night showing off your talent (of lack thereof)—be it in singing or drinking or something else.

12. Have a snowball fight. Just kidding.

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