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11 Easy Ways To Kickstart The New Year

It’s that time of year again. The one time in the year we feel compelled to issue a list of promise and pact to ourselves to lose weight, eat healthier, sleep more, spend more time with loved ones, and attempt bungee jumping (still haven’t mustered the courage for it, and likely never will).

And while moments of resolution-making give us a riveting sense of thrill and hope, kicking ourselves in the butt in hopes of changing our habits in 35 different ways seems less than reasonable and with the exception of superpeople, inexecutable.

We are only human, which is why we like to start small. Here are 11 things you can easily achieve to kickstart the new year. No superpowers needed (not that we know of anyway).

What are some things you do to start this new year fresh?

1. Declutter your space.

The easiest way to declutter is to remove everything off the counters, shelves, and drawers. See what you have, keep what you use, and toss what you don’t. The key is to tackle one area at a time. Say, plan on an afternoon to evaluate your closet. Another day to tidy your work desk. And another to clear out the junk from under the bed. One thing at a time. Read our tips on how to organize your T-shirts and closet.

2. Hire a personal assistant.

Just kidding. Get a planner! We mean the book, not person. Make lists of things to do, keep track of appointments, check on expenses, and get organized.

3. Clean out the fridge.

The fridge is perhaps one of the most neglected and taken-for-granted item in a home. It’s also a space that can easily and quickly be piled up with stuff on top of stuff on top of more stuff (much like that coat hanger in the corner of your room). First, take everything out of the fridge. Seriously, everything. Start tossing goods you don’t plan to consume anymore, yes including all the expensive nonetheless expired caviar and pâté. Deep-clean the insides if you’re feeling extra inspired.

4. Get a haircut.

Never overlook the power of a haircut. It can change and upgrade the way you feel about yourself and it is easily doable. There’s just something about changing your hair that will add to a sense of refreshment and rebirth. Plus, you probably needed it anyway.

5. Reorganize furniture.

Whether you’re working with a small or large space, there’s always something that can be done to transform a room. Move things around (or get your trusted assistant) and see what you can do. The key is to start with the biggest piece in the room. A bold move is to turn your bed to face the opposite or adjacent direction. From there, everything else will naturally fill the remaining space in the room. It’s a lot of fun, just takes a little bit of muscle.

6. Pick up a book.

Remember your list of “Books to Read before I Die” (okay maybe just “Books to Read”)? Pick one and start reading!

7. Unsubscribe and unfollow.

Review your subscriptions to newsletters, magazines, people, online and offline. Keep the ones that you actively engage in and matter to you; leave behind those that don’t add to your life.

8. Give away stuff.

The things you keep but don’t use are like pickles in a burger: useless. Take a good look at what you have, what you use on a regular basis, and what you don’t. Why would you need four different potato mashers or six scarves of the same color? There are people out there who could really make use of the stuff you don’t use.

9. Wash those pillows.

Relax. Pillow-washing is easier than you think. Simply remove the pillowcase and using the gentlest detergent you have, set your washer on a gentle, warm water cycle. Finally after seven enduring years, you will have fluffy clean pillows!

10. Create a morning routine.

A morning routine is your personalized daily habit to start the day. It could be drinking lemon water, exercising, meditating, listening to upbeat music, drinking a smoothie, eating a hearty breakfast like this onethis one or this one, feeding your dog, kissing your partner, or all of the above. A good morning routine should energize you in mind and body and to pump you up for the rest of the day. Having trouble waking up early? Here are some ways you can train yourself to be a morning person.

11. Create a night routine.

At the end of the day, you want to unwind and take a break from all the hustling. Before turning in, you may consider ritualizing. How about reading, lighting an aromatic candle, meditating, having a conversation with your partner, or checking up on your fish? The goal is to put a cap on your day doing things you genuinely enjoy but maybe haven’t taken the time to do.

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