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Arrow TV Show Review


​I stumbled upon Arrow while browsing for new TV shows to watch. To my surprise, it turned out to be great. It’s based on the DC Comic character Green Arrow, and the two share very similar (almost identical) background story, characters, and enemies. Green Arrow is basically an archer version of Batman. However, this re-imagined character set in today’s time has its share of deviations from the original version. After all, the original Green Arrow comic book was first published in 1941.

Arrow TV Show Review

SYNOPSIS (Warning: contains spoilers)

The story is about a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who was stranded on an unknown island after his yacht sunk during a pleasure cruise, claiming the lives of everyone on board including his father (Robert Queen). On that island, Oliver learned to survive, and under the guidance of a notebook left by his father, discovered that his hometown Starling City had become one of the most corrupted cities in the US. He swore to return one day to bring justice to those responsible. And after five long years, Oliver was finally able to make it back to Starling City. When he returned, he became “The Hood,” a masked vigilante who swore to protect his city, fighting widespread crime and corruption. His weapon of choice is, of course, a bow and arrow.

Arrow TV Show Review


Everyone loves a superhero. We love Superman, Batman, and even the not-so-good Batman movies with Val Kilmer or George Clooney or the Batman Series with Adam West back in the day. In a way, I think superhero movies reminds us that justice can still prevail in uncertain times. I like Arrow because this is a new (at least to me) superhero character and one who is not mainstream. The show also features characters present in other superhero worlds. And if you know the characters’ background stories, it will help to connect the dots.

Because this is a new character to me, there are so many unrevealed mysteries, unlike Batman, in which just about every major archenemy’s story has been repeated over and over again throughout the different remakes. And finally, I also like the fact that characters of Oriental origins such as Chinese, do actually speak Mandarin (with English subtitles) instead of English, which gives the overall story a more authentic feel.

Arrow TV Show Review


​This is more on the technical side of things. Sometimes the video starts rolling a split second too soon. I can see that the actors are waiting for a cue from the to start action. And when the video rolls too soon, for a brief moment, I can see the actors’ ready poses. Again, this is really a small technical glitch and only happens sometimes.

Arrow TV Show Review


I think this is the beginning of a great series. I’m loving every moment watching it so far. I hope to see more of it and more things develop for it in the future. There are 23 episodes listed for season 1, with episode 19 airing two weeks ago. Episode 20 will air in about a week’s time and season one will end in the middle of May. With only a few episodes left, I am excited to know that they are rerunning it for a second season. If you like superhero stories, you should check out Arrow. I’m now off to the 19th episode of Arrow – “Unfinished Business.”

Arrow TV Show Review

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