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Escape Hunt Jakarta: Escape The Daily Grind!

No more excuses for the weekend.

No more saying you’re out of ideas.

No more unwilling tile-counting at the mall.

Now, there’s something for everyone – Escape Hunt Jakarta is officially saving you from china-shopping with mom or turning into a full-time sofa spud.

Let’s go back 100 years in time.

You are a famed detective from London by the name of Shylock Holmes and you’ve been sent to old Batavia to solve a mystery – a murder perhaps, but that’s for you to figure out.

Walking in to the waiting area, the place feels oddly serene and quiet, as if entering a spa, a contrast to the swarming outdoors. The decor is wood-consumed, with a mix of Batavian and European paraphernalia. After first filling out a sign-up sheet, we were briefed by one of the staff with full-on Sherlock costume about the mystery case assignment (kidnapping! I knew it!).

Escape Hunt Jakarta

Escape Hunt Jakarta

There were 3 different scenes from which to choose – kidnapping in the study, murder in the kitchen, and something else in the bedroom. We were handed the kidnapping case and had to solve the mystery within 1 hour. So we were locked in a room (which was by the way freezing – wear something long-sleeved) with objects that served as clues and we had to 1) discover the kidnapper, and 2) find the key to unlock our door. Since I couldn’t take my camera with me, I couldn’t take any pictures of the actual “crime scenes.”

Escape Hunt Jakarta

Escape Hunt Jakarta

Reminded of those escape games you used to play on your smartphones? This is pretty much it. Except it’s live. And you can’t just click on random things all around hoping something will pop up. You actually have to think. Think hard.

I came into the game with zero expectations. I had no idea what was coming. At the beginning of the game, it felt like we were going nowhere. It took us some time to figure out its pattern, and from there everything else became more “readable.”

I have never been great at those online escape games. And I proved to be no greater here. It was a challenge! I try not to talk myself down, but after only almost completing the mystery, I couldn’t help but feel like a dork! And that’s already with the help of our guide.

By the end of our game, we were impressed by the intricacy (less impressed by our lack of mystery-solving brain cells) and fun! Perhaps an addition of 2 people in our team would’ve been contributive. We recommend coming in a group of 4 (taking into account the room size and game complexity).

Escape Hunt Jakarta

Escape Hunt Jakarta is open for friends families, gamers, tourists, and corporate events. Make sure you call ahead to book your day and time. At the end of our game, we enjoyed some hot tea and a quick photoshoot wearing these fun detective outfits!

I hope I haven’t given away too much…

Escape Hunt Jakarta

What a fun way to get away from the day-to-day grind! And something else I discovered – a great date idea too, to get to know not only your potential partner’s brains (or lack thereof), the degree to which he or she is claustrophobic, but also how quickly he or she gives up (or not). Either way, you are sure to learn something about each other. You know how Will Ferrell’s famous quote, “Before you marry someone you should first make them use a computer with slow internet, just to see who they really are” goes. It most definitely applies to the Escape Hunt game.

Price wise, you’re looking at spending in the range of 210-300K per person – overall, very pricey in my opinion. But if you’re going to spend that much on food or other things, this might be a unique alternative. Thank you Wito and Escape Hunt Jakarta for a stimulating hour!

Now, the question is: do you have what it takes to bear the name Shylock Holmes?

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 15, 2nd Floor
Jakarta Selatan 12730
(Across the street between KFC and La Codefin on Kemang Raya; right above Bank BNI)
(021) 9785 7828 / 7179 4600
Facebook: EscapeHuntJakarta
Twitter: EscapeHuntJKT

2 Pax – IDR 300.000/pax | USD 26/pax
3 Pax – IDR 275.000/pax | USD 24/pax
4 Pax – IDR 240.000/pax | USD 21/pax
5 Pax – IDR 210.000/pax | USD 18/pax

DISCLAIMER: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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    Don’t feel too bad. We went as a 4 and didn’t escape from the room either!

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