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My Morning Routine

I’ve always been a morning person, so mornings are my favorite part of day. It’s when I feel most active and alert, in anticipation of the day ahead. Back in school, my mornings used to be hectic and I’d be running around the house scrambling, grabbing things as I went, and eating breakfast on the go. But now that I operate on my own schedule, I ease into my mornings with calm. I get to do the things I want and need to do, which mostly involves taking care of myself, R, and our home. I take comfort in my morning routine as it helps set the tone for the rest of my day which I try to make the most of, everyday. So here’s what my current typical morning routine is like.

I wake up: typically before 7. The first thing I do is drink a tall glass of water before emptying out my loaded bladder and brushing my teeth.

I feel: energized and ready to start the day! The sun is up but I wait until later in the day to draw the curtains because otherwise it gets too hot and too bright too early.

The next thing I do: is change out of my pajamas and into my gym gear.

My workout routine: is a simple thirty minutes on the elliptical and another ten weight lifting. Working out in the morning works best for me just because I end up skipping it if I wait any later in the day.

By 8: I set my music on and hop into the shower for a quick one- to two-song wash/karaoke session. Singing really wakes my body and mind up and sets me in a happy mood.

My beauty routine: is simple on weekdays. The products I use include moisturizer, foundation, brow powder, eyeliner, blush, and lip balm. On other days when I feel like dressing up a little more, I’d add contour powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lip color.

What I wear: depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing that day. These days I gravitate towards mid-length dresses since they are so easy to put on and require no time for mixing and matching. I finish with a few accessories and a few spritzes of perfume.

The best part of my morning routine: is the energy and anticipation in me and feeling good about starting early, and looking ahead to a positive and productive day. And breakfast.

My breakfast: usually consists of a fruit smoothie, toast or pancakes with peanut butter, plus supplements. On other days I alternate with a mix of scrambled eggs, overnight oats, cereal, yogurt, or milk. As I wait for my breakfast to go down, I make the bed, brush my teeth, and do quick chores around the house.

The hardest part of my morning routine: is making it to the gym. Which is why I quickly change into my gym clothes, wear my shoes, and get my workout out of the way early in the morning so there’s no chance to skip out on it.

Between 8:30 – 9: I’m out the door and at the office by 9:30.

My first tasks: I’m at my desk with my computer, next to my list to-do list (which I make the night before) for the day. I try to do things that require most thinking and creativity like writing and brainstorming as early in the day as possible and leave the less creative tasks like replying emails and reading the news for later in the day.

My morning snack: varies from day to day, depending on what I happen to have on hand. Some typical ones include either or a combination of yogurt, fruits, almonds, bread, cake, pastries, and cookies. I usually snack at around ten or eleven, to stave off my pre-lunch hunger attacks.

Before noon: I prep for lunch, which is typically a light meal of either leftover cooking from the night before, or something I can quickly fix that will take no more than ten minutes. I try to have a carb, protein (eggs are my go-to choice), and some greens.

Creating a morning routine isn’t complicated. It was easy once I figured out what I wanted to spend my day doing and how I wanted to do it. I love mine and will likely vary and adapt it as I go along. What’s your morning routine like?

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Stephanie is the founder and curator of Chléa Living, and copywriter for Chléa Consulting. A peanut butter lover and a sucker for big band music, Stephanie loves to bake, karaoke, and obsesses over making lists. Her biggest pet peeve is a messy space, which is why she loves cleaning and organizing. While she loves waking up in the morning to make a smoothie and meditate, her secret dream is to win an eating competition (shhh). Follow @stephaniejaya on Instagram for a daily dose of all things sunny, happy, and yummy!

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  1. What a detailed list. My typical morning routine starts with cooking breakfast for the family… in gym wear! I immediately work out (yoga, zumba, or HIIT) after taking the kids to school.

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