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Organize Your T-Shirts in 4 Simple Steps

I’m generally not a big T-shirt person. But even so, I’ve accumulated quite a number over the years. And when I have a collection of something—anything—I find ways to keep it organized, visible, and accessible. My latest current favorite t-shirt storage method is easy, effective, and unbelievably space-saving! All you’re going to need is about 15 minutes (really depends on the size of your t-shirt collection) and your two hands. Let’s get started!

1. First, empty out drawers.

You’ll want to start with clean, empty drawers. Whatever mess you made earlier, toss it out of the drawers! And if you’re feeling it, toss it over your shoulders! Feels good, doesn’t it?

How to Organize T-shirts

2. Fold t-shirts into a small rectangle.

Step 1: Fold length-wise and lay on a flat surface (the floor will do).

Step 2: Fold sleeves inward.

Step 3: Fold width-wise.

Step 4: Make another fold width-wise.

How to Organize T-shirts

3. Stack according to color.

With the folded t-shirts, group them based on color.

How to Organize T-shirts

4. Store inside drawer.

When storing the t-shirts, store against the front and side of the drawer to maximize space.

How to Organize T-shirts

Continue until you have run out of space.

How to Organize T-shirts

Remember, group in colors!

How to Organize T-shirts

And, that’s it!

How to Organize T-shirts

For more tips, check out our 8 Simple Ways to Organize Your Closet Today!

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Stephanie is the founder and curator of Chléa Living, and copywriter for Chléa Consulting. A peanut butter lover and a sucker for big band music, Stephanie loves to bake, karaoke, and obsesses over making lists. Her biggest pet peeve is a messy space, which is why she loves cleaning and organizing. While she loves waking up in the morning to make a smoothie and meditate, her secret dream is to win an eating competition (shhh). Follow @stephaniejaya on Instagram for a daily dose of all things sunny, happy, and yummy!

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