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The To-Go Cup No-Spill Trick

I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I can be a big mess at times. So when I have my occasional coffee, tea or latte, knowing how to properly place the lids on them without making a mess is always useful. Here’s how:

Before you take your first sip, the trick is to check to make sure the opening of the lid is NOT in line with the seam of the cup. The picture on the left is what you want to avoid. Instead, turn the lid so that it’s away from the seam (I usually turn it so that it’s on the opposite, furthest side away from the seam), as shown in the picture on the right. Since I’m almost always moving about and multitasking, I don’t always focus on how I’m sipping my drink (hence the mess), but this tip helps me go about my day spill-free! Did you learn this lesson the hard way?

To -Go Cup No-Spill Trick

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