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TickTock Escape Room: Can You Escape?

They say a curious mind is a healthy mind. And, a healthy mind equals a happy mind.

Today, our curiosity brought us to yet another escape game arena, the brand-new Tick Tock Escape Room in Alam Sutera, Serpong.

When I first heard about it, I was fired up! Our last escape game experience at Escape Hunt Jakarta was a whole lot of fun, even though our efforts would have earned us no apprenticeship with Sherlock H.

But today is a new day, and I was set on unriddling whatever came my way.

And even though I showed up dressed in a mini polka dot dress, I meant business!

TickTock’s three experiences included: The Mansion’s Heist, Asylum, and Murder at the Opera House. Knowing this wasn’t our first time, co-owners and dynamic duo Ronny and Silvia, offered us the bigger challenge: Murder at the Opera House. In 60 minutes, we were to solve a murder mystery and escape the room. We confidently accepted.

TickTock Escape Room

TickTock Escape Room

15 minutes into it, we asked for our first clue. Like always, I was reluctant to ring for help, but another 20 minutes later, we called for our second and final clue. Halfway through the game, I was getting fidgety. The props and clues were subtle and made for an exceptionally intricate and elaborate story. The use of technology was surprising and very cool. Our little triumphs along the way of uncovering a puzzle or unlocking a padlock became a huge deal.

TickTock Escape Room

TickTock Escape Room

TickTock Escape Room

With approximately just 15 minutes left on the clock, we uncovered yet another room. I thought to myself, great! And there displayed a whole new other (and bigger) collection of scraps, each serving as a clue. Having drained our two shots for a clue call, we were left to fend for ourselves. By now, I was agitated and on edge. With just 2 minutes left and an overflow objects of which we haven’t uncovered the purpose, there was just not enough time to complete the game. And even though I fought my battle until the very last moment, I left the room crushed. How did we not solve this one, again!

TickTock Escape Room

The layer after layer, item after item, suspect after suspect, made for a complex game that require more than the everyday prowess to uncover. But like any sane person, I couldn’t get over our whipping. I was determined to revisit and get to the bottom of things.

TickTock Escape Room

But for now, at the very least we had some adorable photos to take home. Thank you TickTock for the time and place to channel my inner Sherlock. Perhaps next time he’ll actually make an appearance!

Jalan Jalur Sutera
Ruko Jalur Sutera Kav. 29A No. 22
Alam Sutera
Serpong Utara
(021) 5314 0313
Facebook: TickTock Escape Room

Mon – Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM

2 persons/room: Rp. 160.000/person
3 persons/room: Rp. 140.000/person
4 persons/room: Rp. 130.000/person
5-6 persons/room: Rp. 120.000/person
*Students get 20% off with Student ID.


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