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What’s in My Work Bag

I’m always curious to know what people carry in their bags. While I used to be an extreme packer, I now keep things to a minimal for the sake of my personal organization and weak bones. I try to clean out my bag at the end of every day to discard any trash, receipts, and any other random trinkets I no longer need. Just for fun, I thought I’d share with you the contents of my work bag, essential things I haul to work day-to-day. When it comes to my work bag, I’ve stuck to this one simple trusty chestnut leather tote for years. I like it that it’s down-to-earth (not too flashy for work), practical, and compartmentalized. And though it gets overstuffed and a little pregnant at times, I haven’t found another bag worthy of its replacement.

One. My 11” MacBook Air on which I do 100% of my work (with some play).

Two. My iPhone 5S that I take with me everywhere I go, bathroom breaks included.

Three. iPhone charger because bathroom breaks can take some time.

Four. My wallet containing my ID, name card, credit cards, cash, and membership cards.

Five. A little pouch for my emergency needs: a hand lotion, lip balm, mints, tissue, allergy medication, Band-Aid, and hair clips.

Six. Glasses to help me see!

Seven. Laptop charger which I sometimes forget to take with me.

Eight. A pocket notebook for noting everything from things to do, ideas, grocery list, phone numbers, addresses, and so on.

Nine. A black pen.

Ten. Headphones in case of massive traffic or when I’ve just downloaded new songs.

Eleven. A portable hard drive to store backup files.

Twelve. The teeniest, most adorable corn-shaped USB stick as a hard drive backup.

Thirteen. A bottled water which I actually need nine more of.

Fourteen. A book in case I get stranded somewhere.

Fifteen. A small container of some sort of snack. Today’s: mini chocolate chip cookies!

What do you have stashed in your work bag?

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Stephanie is the founder and curator of Chléa Living, and copywriter for Chléa Consulting. A peanut butter lover and a sucker for big band music, Stephanie loves to bake, karaoke, and obsesses over making lists. Her biggest pet peeve is a messy space, which is why she loves cleaning and organizing. While she loves waking up in the morning to make a smoothie and meditate, her secret dream is to win an eating competition (shhh). Follow @stephaniejaya on Instagram for a daily dose of all things sunny, happy, and yummy!

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