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Brielle’s Birth Story

On Friday September 2nd, twelve days before my due date, I woke up noticing a little blood discharge when I went to pee. I didn’t think much of it and went about my day as I normally did. R had been working from home for the past week to stay with me so we would be ready to drive to the hospital whenever baby decided to pop. In the afternoon I started feeling some cramps here and there, but still did groceries and went for my 30-minute walk which I had started every day since entering 37 weeks. That night I went to bed like any other night, except I was awakened every hour by a piercing sensation in my anus, a feeling like I kept needing to poop. While I pooped a little, the rest of the night was just me going back and forth to sit at the toilet and breathing through what I later realized were in fact contractions! I didn’t wake R because I didn’t want to alarm him and since we were scheduled to see the doctor the next morning, I thought I’d wait it out.

Despite having barely slept, I awoke fresh in the morning, got dressed, put a face on, and headed for the hospital. And while I didn’t know what was in store for us that day, I decided we should bring our packed hospital bag in the car, just in case. We got to the hospital at around 9:30am and the nurse checked my weight and blood pressure like always. But when I told her I had noticed a little blood discharge the day before, she immediately got me on the cardiotocography (CTG) machine to check for baby’s heart beat and labor contractions. I lay on the bed for 30 minutes while snacking on Nutella toasts that R had prepared earlier.

I continued feeling and breathing through the contractions which were becoming more and more palpable. But the results showed that the contractions were still irregular. At around 11 when we saw the doctor, the ultrasound showed that baby’s head had made its way very deep down into my vaginal opening—a good thing of course. I figured we’d probably still be waiting for at least another day or maybe even two. I suppose the doctor had his suspicions so he checked for my dilation. The next moment he told us we couldn’t go home anymore because I was in fact already 7cm dilated! We were in disbelief. I asked the doctor if we were really getting the baby out that day to which he responded, do you not want to get baby out now? The world knows how much I wanted her out! R immediately called my mom who was out of town and I was directed to the delivery room. It’s funny because in fact we were supposed to meet up with some friends right after the appointment, but of course that wasn’t happening.

Dilated at 7cm, I was still able to chit chat with the midwives and nurses entering and exiting the room, reply to messages, and eat. But whenever a contraction came, I focused on breathing deep in and out and letting it pass. My mom arrived within 2 hours after getting R’s call. Thankfully, she was already there when the contractions grew more and more intense. Lying on the bed made it worse, so I had to sit at the toilet. I held on to my mom and R while I just sat there struggling in pain incomparable to anything. My head was spinning, my body shaking, I felt like I was blacking out. I forced myself to keep my eyes open so I wouldn’t faint. I squeeze-hugged my mom so tight her belly was pressing against my face. I remember thinking to ask doctor to cut me open already.

My mom saw how much pain I was in and called the nurse in. At that point I was 8cm dilated. Between dilation 8 to 10, I just remembered feeling the need to poop an entire mountain. But nothing was coming out. Finally I was on the bed, at which point my doctor entered the room. That was a relief because that meant he was pulling baby out very soon. Things were moving so fast between dilation 8 to 10 that I remembered hearing the doctor asking the midwife if she had given me an induction, which she hadn’t. R was told to stand further back from the bed while two of the midwives held and led me through each push.

With my first push, I heard R saying he could already see baby’s hair! One push was followed by another, then another, and with my very last and strongest one, baby popped out and I felt her little toes trickling past my opening. There was no relief like the one I felt at that very moment. The doctor cut off the umbilical cord and pulled out the placenta which was shockingly huge. And he went on to stitching down there. I felt no pain, nothing. After delivering a baby I was sure I was immune to any other pain. Soon after being checked on and measured, baby was wrapped in a bright canary hooded towel and laid on my chest.

Nothing like the feeling of holding this little creature close to me, she needing me as much I needed her. Those first two hours went by so fast and soon it was time for baby’s bath. The midwives helped me clean up, and told me I was very calm throughout labor and that I had a very high pain tolerance. She even told me I broke the hospital record of being in labor for just 15 minutes! At 3:10pm, baby Brielle was born at 3.2kg and 49cm. I couldn’t be more grateful that everything somehow worked out perfectly. I was able to have a completely all-natural birth as I had hoped. Baby is healthy and happy (smiling in her first photo).

Brielle's Birth Story

Brielle's Birth Story

Brielle's Birth Story

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