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Pregnancy Post: A Look Back at My First Trimester

As of Wednesday, I’m fifteen weeks pregnant and feeling much better now that the past few months are behind me. While the first couple of months had me feeling constantly sluggish, tired, and sleepy, I’m now feeling the energy starting to slowly come back. On top of the daily fatigue which had me taking afternoon naps (which I’m never used to, not even as a kid), my first trimester was a compilation of: perpetual urination, difficulty to concentrate, low to zero productivity, nausea (no vomiting), aversion towards strong scents (particularly spices), distaste for egg, veggies, fried foods, and salmon (which I actually loved before), strange dreams, and in between fitting into my usual clothing and not thanks to my big, swollen breasts.

It was altogether strange and exciting but besides the nausea and back-and-forth run to the bathroom (especially troublesome in the middle of the night), I don’t have much to complain about. And after hearing about the horrors of my other pregnant friends who can hardly eat and throw up uncontrollably at the faintest smell of food and perfume, I don’t think I had it too rough.

At the beginning of the second trimester, I had gained two kilograms, although I felt like it had been more like four or five. My family and friends have been so supportive, making sure I ate right and didn’t tire myself out or lift anything too heavy. My brother is the one person who’s been asking, many times, whether we’ve thought about a name for the baby. I have a short list and some loose ideas, but we haven’t yet made up our minds since we’re also still waiting to find out the baby gender.

Our next big tasks: researching baby products and setting up the nursery—I can’t wait to decorate! And I’m hoping we’ll be prepared way ahead of time so nothing we have to run for last minute since I anticipate being in nesting mode in my third trimester when I’m about the size of a whale.

At Fifteen Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
Navel Orange (10.2cm)/70g

I’m Feeling
Much better, still needing a ton of sleep

Food Love
Noodles, spaghetti, hotpot/soup

Food Hate

3 Pros of March
+ Settled into our new home, organizing, and decorating
+ Cooking, eating healthier
+ Bye bye nausea!

3 Cons of March
– Heightened irritability (sorry R!)
– Lower back pain
– Clothes feel tighter and tighter

Currently Surviving In
Light, comfortable knee-high dresses—so easy to put on!

Looking Forward To
Our housewarming.

Dreaming About
Not having to buy any maternity clothes for the entire pregnancy!

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