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Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – April

At eighteen weeks, my belly feels like it’s already all over the place (I know there’s a better way to put it). Although R says if you didn’t know I was pregnant you wouldn’t be able to tell. We’ve finally moved into our brand new apartment! And we are loving it! Apart from having to do our own cleaning and washing, we are thoroughly enjoying every part of the place. There are a few things here and there that still need a little building and fixing, but we are just so thrilled to be living in our first home together. More about our new home later.

As far as the pregnancy goes, the nausea has left for good and I am feeling much better than I did in the first trimester. We have gone to four doctor visits so far and everything looks normal. At our last doctor’s visit, we heard the baby’s heartbeat (audible since week 6!), counted ten fingers and ten toes, and watched baby’s movements which made me laugh uncontrollably.

At Eighteen Weeks

 Baby’s Size/Weight
Artichoke (about 14cm)/189g

I’m Feeling
Productive, energized, and social.

Food Love
Chocolate cake, fruit smoothies.

Food Hate
Any fish.

3 Pros of April
+ Baby is healthy
+ Spending much quality time with the family
+ My stash of chocolate chip cookies

3 Cons of April
– Gaining too much weight too fast (not according to me, but the doctor)
– Tempted by all the guilty pleasure foods I see in the supermarket
– No longer fitting in my shorts

Currently Surviving In
Mid-length dresses and comfy flats.

Looking Forward To
Our trip to Australia next month!

Dreaming About
Feeling baby’s movements and kicks.

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