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Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – July

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but I’m amazed by how kind strangers are to pregnant women. Just last week I was waiting for R to pull up at Ikea and haul our shopping, when a father of three with his wife offered me their seat on the bench after he’d asked his daughters to stand on the side. He offered me the. entire. bench. I thanked him but didn’t take the seat because I knew R would drive by any moment then. And by the looks of me he clearly thought I needed the whole bench – ha! R joked that once baby is born I should strap a pillow around my belly so we’d continue benefitting from special treatment.

Speaking of looks, it’s insane how big my bump has grown this third trimester! And it’s even crazier how more and more active baby is getting. While baby’s smooth dance moves are my daily entertainment, they are keeping me up at night (and waking me up from my morning sleep). And in general I’ve just been having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t expecting sleep troubles to happen this soon. On top of that, the heartburn.

But the little distresses aside, I’m so glad we finally got around to shop for baby’s supplies and gears! I’ve even washed and organized all the teensy onesies, mittens, socks, hats, and every tiny thing baby will wear. R says baby already owns more clothing than he does. I cannot wait to dress baby up! The nursery is ready as well, just waiting for the mattress order to arrive and we are totally set!

The next thing on my list is packing the hospital bag which I want to try to do at the latest a month before the due date, just in case. We are due to see the doctor next week, and I’m curious to see how much baby will weigh then since last month we were told baby is on the lighter side. And if baby will already be in breech position. If yes, we better be ready!

At Thirty Two Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
Pomelo (42cm)/1700g

I’m Feeling
excited, nervous, a lot sleepy

Food Love
cookies and milk (late at night), and anything cold

Food Hate

3 Pros of July
+ shopped for baby supplies
+ nursery all set up and ready!
+ baby’s acrobatics

3 Cons of July
– heartburn
– trouble sleeping
– feeling off-balance

Currently Surviving In
some body-fitting dresses (surprisingly!), but mostly R’s T-shirts

Looking Forward To
settling on a name for baby

Dreaming About
getting a good night’s sleep (I hear it’s not supposed to get better)

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