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Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – June

I can’t believe I’m now in my third trimester! That means no more flying, which means mentally preparing for months of hibernation ahead, which I don’t think I’ll mind that much since I’m more of a homebody anyway. I finally got around to putting on some Mozart for baby! And baby noticeably responds to the music, dancing and bouncing in my disco of a belly. This now has become the highlight of my evening right before going to bed.

Just several days ago I started noticing my swelling legs. At first I flipped out but quickly found the remedy by resting my feet on a stack of pillows when sleeping. Beyond the elephant legs, I’ve accepted my ever aching lower back as normal. And it doesn’t help when I’m sitting at the computer most days of the week and neglect to periodically alternate between sitting and standing. R sympathizes and gives me a serious back massage from time to time (unacceptable—he should be doing it every day). I’ve also now created a barricade of two pillows positioned on my left and right on my side of the bed to train my body to sleep on my side.

Not surprisingly, the peeing continues to become more and more frequent. Now I can even feel a downward pressure from the uterus pushing down on the bladder. Or maybe that’s just baby practicing gymnastics or kickboxing or a combination of both. I’m convinced baby does cartwheels in there because I can feel some sort of ripples in my belly. I’ve also started recording baby’s movements and it’s the absolute funniest thing!

Just last week R and I visited a friend a day after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I’d wanted to ask her so many questions about the birthing but stopped myself before giving myself a scare. Being in the maternity ward gave me the jitters, knowing it would soon be my time. But at the same time I, as well as R, cannot wait for the day baby will become a part of our lives.

Next on our to do-list: planning for the maternity shoot and baby shower.

At Twenty Seven Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
bunch of bananas (about 36.5cm)/900g

I’m Feeling

Food Love
fresh coconuts and pizza

Food Hate
none I know of

3 Pros of June
+ video recorded baby’s movements
+ watching baby’s response to music
+ our stock of fresh coconuts in the fridge

3 Cons of June
– aching lower back
– walking speed significantly lower
– finding it harder and harder to resist greasy and sweet foods

Currently Surviving In
whatever still fits!

Looking Forward To
arranging baby’s teeny onesies!

Dreaming About

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