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Pregnancy Post: Monthly Update – May

This month has seen the most drastic changes in the pregnancy so far. My belly is growing rapidly, along with my appetite. At home we eat healthy, home cooked meals. And while I’ve taken the doctor’s advice to slow down the weight gain, it wasn’t easy to resist the ice cream, scones, fries, and noodles during our travels to Australia. For the first time in my life I avoided going near the scale. We’re a week away from the next doctor’s visit, and hopefully my routine workout is paying off.

Woes aside, my highlight this month has got to be feeling baby’s first kicks! At week 21, they were subtle and sporadic. Now, they come at me very eager, day and night. I would even feel baby dashing from my left, then to my right, top then bottom belly. R would feel them too, and would quietly tell baby to move gently in my defense. The first night we arrived in Sydney we watched fireworks from our hotel overlooking Darling Harbour, and R and I got a tiny scare when I told him baby started moving intensely. Fireworks got baby very jumpy!

Food wise, most things are agreeable to me, especially Mexican, and especially burritos. May has been a great month for both R and me, as we are doing more prepping for the baby’s arrival. We finally bought a crib and changing table for the nursery, as well as plenty of teeny onesies and socks! Now whenever we go out, I can’t keep my eyes and hands off those pee-wee clothes. I want them all for the baby!

At Twenty Three Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
grapefruit (about 28cm)/498g

I’m Feeling
upbeat, happy, and hungry all the time.

Food Love
burritos all the way!

Food Hate
anything too salty

3 Pros of May
+ squeezing in 30 minutes of workout every morning
+ babymooning in Australia
+ feeling baby’s first kicks!

3 Cons of May
– narrowing clothing options
– even leggings are feeling tight these days
– mild walking quickly induces shortness of breath

Currently Surviving In
long, comfy cotton dresses

Looking Forward To
putting together baby’s nursery

Dreaming About
what baby will look like


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