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Pregnancy Post: We Are Expecting!

One of my favorite parts about the blog is sharing my life by way of documenting its pivotal chapters. Which is why I’m excited to share a new series I’ll be doing until the baby is born. Each post will include a list of items on the pregnancy, from my cravings and feelings to my dreams and moods. I can’t say enough how excited I am (as is R) to start our own little family and to one day, look back to this series.

The Day We Found Out

The day is Wednesday, 13 January 2016. I finally decided it was time to take the test. With the all-too-frequent runs to the loo, nausea, cramping, fatigue, and an unusually heightened craving for mushrooms, I’ve had my suspicions for the past two weeks. But I didn’t want to jump the gun.

I had asked R to grab the test at the local drugstore the evening before so I could take it the next morning (I read morning pee is best). It’s funny that in anticipation, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I had three consecutive dreams of having already taken the test, though all with fuzzy results and peculiar endings. Not to mention getting up at 1:49 AM to what else but take a leak.

This morning at around 8, R woke me (like everyday), nudging me to (yet again) pee so I could take the test. I was excited and nervous. But I did it. And while waiting for the five what-felt-like-forever minutes in our PJ’s, R and I brushed our teeth. And then there they were: two cherry lines, one slightly more faint than the other.

My initial reaction: are we sure I am really pregnant? R was so intoxicated by the news he hugged and kissed me as if to scream: I knew it, I knew you were pregnant all along! I just knew it! If a minute ago he was still half asleep, he was definitely fully awake now!

Pregnant. I hear it all the time. Happens to friends and strangers. But me, pregnant? And already 5 weeks? I am freaking out a little bit. I mean I’m happy, but it’s just a strange feeling.

So far I’ve told just 6 people closest to me.

At Five Weeks

Baby’s Size/Weight
Sesame seed (3mm)/0.00364 grams

I’m Feeling
Strange, nervous, and excited. Frantically reading up on pregnancy best practices. Finding it impossible to concentrate, be productive, and get things done. Sleep has become my best friend.

Food Love
Mushrooms and tomatoes.

Food Hate
Dry foods like crackers, biscuits, peanuts.

3 Pros of January
+ It’s the first month of a new year
+ We will hopefully move in to our new apartment by the end of the month
+ Finding out I’m pregnant!

3 Cons of January
– Nausea
– Frequent urination
– More urination

Currently Surviving In
Regular clothes. Tend to want to wear loose clothing. Everything still fits, for now.

Looking Forward To
Moving in to our new place at the end of the month!

Dreaming About
Decorating the apartment!

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