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Seven Things

/scones with jam and double cream at Kallista Tea Rooms/

We arrived in Melbourne Monday morning—my first trip ever to Australia! Greeted by what back then I would consider mild fall weather, the sudden cold got me quivering under my oversized knit sweater. Nevertheless, the temperature change was refreshing. And while Melbourne was mostly covered in clouds and some rain, our short road trip to Sydney through Albury and Canberra was met with lots of sunshine and blue skies.

In between our incessant eating, I was content to be surrounded by the beautiful scenery, birds, flowers, and family and friends. We were told winter came a little late this year so we were lucky to get plenty of view of leaves turning yellow and red, something I miss very much. We travel around the country for ten days and I’m looking forward to be out and about.

Seven Things - 15 May 2016

/green tea ice cream x dark chocolate waffle cone/

Seven Things - 15 May 2016

/the prettiest brioche french toast with edible flowers at Tosaria/

Seven Things - 15 May 2016

/my growing baby bump/

Seven Things - 15 May 2016

/parrot-watching in Canberra/

Seven Things - 15 May 2016

/Sunday matinée at the Sydney Opera House/

Seven Things - 15 May 2016

/long stroll through Royal Botanical Gardens/


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