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How to Stretch Shoes in under 5 Minutes

Happiness comes in many different forms. One of them: shoes. But what’s happy about not being able to fit into our favorite pumps? Nothing. Sadly, it happens. We outgrow them, our feet bloat, and there was a sale and we absolutely couldn’t pass up a good deal. Life is short. Buy the shoes. No?

But hey, relax, we’ve got a super quick and easy way for you to fit into your heels (and flats) in just under 5 minutes. Note: this method works with shoes that are half to one size too small. Let’s get started!

1. Shoes that fit tight (half to one size too small)
2. Thick socks
3. Blowdryer

Step 1: Wear a pair of thick socks. If one pair isn’t thick enough, wear two.

How to Stretch Shoes in under 5 Minutes

Step 2: Wear your socks with the shoes.

How to Stretch Shoes in under 5 Minutes

Step 3: Blow dry around the areas of the shoes that are tight, particularly around the front and side areas. Move your blowdryer across your shoes, being careful not to concentrate on one area for too long. 2 minutes per shoe is plenty of time.

How to Stretch Shoes in under 5 Minutes

Step 4: Turn off the blowdryer, take off your socks, and put on your shoes, and voilà – you should feel more room around your toes. If you still feel they are too tight, go ahead and repeat the steps until your toes are wiggly and happy!

How to Stretch Shoes in under 5 Minutes

Do you have any tips on how to stretch shoes? Share them below!

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