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In A Beat “Still Naked” Campaign Photoshoot

Last Saturday I got to be a part of an amazing group of girls who are pushing boundaries and norms of beauty by way of their chic clothing line: In a Beat.

Fashion is their way of saying women should not follow and be judged by the societal definition of Miss “It”. They believe it is their prerogative, as women, to be proud, sensual, carefree, and even a tad vain, because we are all stars in our own way.

In a Beat’s vision is to curate women’s clothing with three key characteristics they will never forsake from the line: charming, comfortable, and effortless.

Their dream is to cater to women of all styles, ages, and sizes, and to build an interactive community for women to share their fashion tips, ideas, and trends.

The “Still Naked” Campaign

​In a Beat’s current campaign is called “Still Naked” with the main theme being that it is not the clothes or brands that define women. Thus, I was photographed simply wearing a nude tank top and denim shorts.  In a Beat girls selected their brand muses/ambassadors based on who they believe are the embodiment of the characters relatable to women and whom they aspire to be: charismatic, intelligent, confident. and most of all, comfortable in their own skin. I don’t know if I’m all of the above, but alright, if they say so. Thank you. Following the photoshoot was an interview about what I thought is defined as “beauty” and what In a Beat means to me. 

To stay updated on the “Still Naked” campaign, visit them on Facebook.

Here are a few snaps from the photoshoot:

In A Beat Still Naked Campaign Photoshoot

In A Beat Still Naked Campaign Photoshoot

In A Beat Still Naked Campaign Photoshoot

​I must’ve done close to a hundred jumps. Here’s one.

In A Beat Still Naked Campaign Photoshoot

Here’s another.

In A Beat Still Naked Campaign Photoshoot

And yet another…

In A Beat Still Naked Campaign Photoshoot

Wrapping up after a good morning workout (jumping and laughing) on the set. Special thanks to Meyer, Feli, Santi, Ray, and Aloysius (in particular for your Ryan Gosling references), and last but not least my brother for taking the photographs!

Stay tuned for the campaign release!

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