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Infinity Pro by Conair Curl Secret Review

The Curl Secret is probably the most talked about hair styling product out there today. The innovation? Hair goes in, curl comes out. No joke! This styler, whose shape (although not precisely) reminds me of Thor’s hammer, sucks your hair in and does the curling job for you! No more having to twist and turn the way you would operate a traditional curling iron. This technology supposedly allows for quicker and easier, as well as bouncier and tighter curls.


1. First, make sure you have sprayed your hair generously with a heat protectant.
2. Select the heat setting from “0” to “I” or “II.” When the red light stops blinking, the curler is ready to use.
3. Set the Curl Secret timer to your liking: 8 seconds for loose curls, 10 seconds for medium curls, and 12 seconds for tight curls.
4. Take 1″ sections of hair and place the curler where you want the curl to start.
5. Wait for the final “beep” and voilà!
6. Finish with hair spray or other styling product for longer lasting curls.


Watch the video tutorial here:


​Curling hair can get boring. The Curl Secret is a fun way to style your hair! I have very fine hair, and while I like soft curls, the Curl Secret gives me rather coarse and messy-looking curls which I didn’t like at first but now love! It gives me tons of volume and just makes my hair “bigger.” Having fine hair means curls get loose easily and quickly. With a traditional curling iron, my curled hair loosens up pretty quickly. But with the Curl Secret, I get tighter and longer-lasting curls. So if you have fine hair and enjoy a volume boost, this product might be for you. Lastly, because each curl is set to a timer, all the curls will turn out equal and consistent. And surprisingly, my curls turned out pretty much exactly like the way the Conair model’s did!


Each time you pull your hair in, the curler curls your hair in an opposite direction from the one before. We all know this trick from using the traditional curling iron for a more natural look. But this means you can’t control the direction of the curl each time. Secondly, when using a traditional curling iron, I tend to start my curl pretty close to the hair root, but with the Curl Secret, I have to remember not to, otherwise I end up with crimped up hair, which I can’t stand. So when I did, I went back and re-curled the section. This, in fact, takes up even more time. Thirdly, because of the timer, you can’t really rush the curling process. I like to use the Curl Secret when I know I have time to waste that day (sounds bad, I know). Lastly, while you can purchase a traditional curling iron in the range of USD15-USD50, the Curl Secret costs around USD120, which is pricey for a curling iron.

Overall, I wouldn’t use this curler everyday because it does take time. Although the actual curling process is done by the machine itself, I have to make sure there are absolutely no tangles in the hair and that only very small (1″) sections are curled each time. Otherwise, you might end up having to redo the curl or getting hair tangled inside. (But when the hair is perfectly curled, it’s beautiful!) However I do think the technology is amazing and innovative, and makes it a whole lot more fun for hair styling. Most of all, I love it beacuse it gives my fine fine hair some texture and a whole lot of volume.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Curl Secret, you can either go to,,, or if you or a friend or family is traveling to the US, Australia, or Europe, you should be able to get it at the local drugstores.

Have you tried the Curl Secret? Tell us what you think!

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