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Kristien Blanko

The name Kristien Blanko may be a gentleman’s but the life behind this handmade shoe collection is the charming Trishia Pratt. Trishia, like most girls, and safe to say, any girl, has an eternal crush for shoes. But the thing that differentiates her and most other girls, she gets to stare and play with them all day! Her work involves making creative decisions on the styles and trends that find their way to production and adoption. Teaming up with her troop of designers and trend hunters, she tracks shoe trends all over the world, filtering and making a note of those she thinks are most loved. What’s not to love about this job?

Kristien Blanko is originally an Italian shoe brand established in 1975 specializing in high-end women heels–platform, pump, wedge, kitten–and soon diversifying to more casual wear including flats. Blanko shoes are appropriate for work, cocktails, soirées, and even to admire in your closet. Design and variety wise, Blanko is very much up-to-date, carrying knock-offs of Laurents, Louboutins, and Olympias. For high heels, Blankos are sturdy, although the insoles could be more comfortably lined.

Blanko shoes are a good size, meaning they aren’t made so narrow that only people with beautifully long and slim legs can wear, but wide-footed monsters (just kidding, I am one if you must know) can, too, feel pretty sporting pumps! If you have been struggling to find the right shoe fit (I know I have issues), give Kristien Blanko a try.

S T Y L E  P R O F I L E

Kristien Blanko

Trishia Pratt, 25
Purchasing ManagerKristien Blanko Shoes
Bachelor of Commerce and Law, UNSW Sydney

Pratt believes that fashion is something everyone and should have and that you don’t have to spend a whole lot to look fabulous. Kristien Blanko shoes are in the range of 700K-1.500K Rupiah. Simply, Pratt believes in good value.

Pratt’s friends would say she’s a workaholic but she’s one who knows how to have a good time. Despite her petite build, Pratt is a strong drinker. She’d go for Korean BBQ any day of the week, and never leaves the house with unruly hair or clothes. Her love and deftness for fashion is admirable, but her charming personality is the reason we love Pratt!

Pratt is working on establishing Kristien Blanko retail stores (and online) all over the city in hopes of making her shoes accessible to more shoe junkies who are looking for more high-end yet affordable footwear. The new season coming up will showcase flats and exotic croc leathers, and we know nothing screams luxury more than these!

Kristien Blanko


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