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Lilac Beauty Studio

The art of makeup has been around for a long time. Archaeological findings show that the use of cosmetics dates back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. As told in the Old Testament around 840BC, Jezebel, the Queen of Israel, was mentioned to have painted her eyelids. In fact, the word “cosmetics” originates from the Greek language, and means “technique of dress and ornament” and “skilled in ordering or arranging,” in essence, an emphasis on order and ornament.

Last Sunday, I got to see Yuli in action who taught me a thing or two about makeup. The gorgeous 24-year old makeup artist and founder of Lilac Beauty Studio and a dear friend, needless to say, knows a whole lot about the technique of order and ornament. A creative at heart, Yuli expresses her art through beautifying people’s faces–those of friends, family, and clients, with whom she builds close, comfortable, and long lasting relationships.

Being a girl, and a cosmetics consumer, I had so many questions for Yuli–her favorite products, whether to use a concealer before foundation or the other way around, and importantly, how she manages to always look gorgeous without looking like she has a lot of makeup on! Yuli was super generous with tips and tricks she uses on herself and her clients, as she was with her ice cream, sour belts, and cigar.​

Lilac Beauty Studio

B E A U T Y  P R O F I L E .

Lilac Beauty Studio

Yuli Nyoto24
Founder & Makeup ArtistLilac Beauty Studio
  Bachelor of Science in Management, Boston University
  Formal Training as Makeup Artist, AOFM London

A B O U T  Y U L I .

​​Yuli is a creative, romantic, and bargain-hunter at heart. She isn’t shy to admit her undying love for noodles and spicy foods. While she has the strange ability to lick her own elbow, she loves loves to recycle. On weekends, if she isn’t busy with makeup gigs, Yuli enjoys scrapbooking and exploring new eats around town with friends. Her goal in life is to be independent, but her true lifelong dream is to be a contestant on Wipeout.

Lilac Beauty Studio

CL: How did you start Lilac Beauty Studio?
Y: In and out of a couple of posts that, despite the experience, did very little to nourish me with the creativity that I needed, I decided to take the chance to make a change. Last year, I left for London to educate myself with more makeup techniques and be around makeup gurus and peers. Best decision ever. I came back to Jakarta, feeling like I could finally follow through with what I’ve wanted to do since I quit my last post. And with the help of people close to me, Lilac was born.

CL: How did you become a makeup artist?
Y: I’ve always been fascinated with makeup–its transformational power and the confidence boost it gives girls and women who are insecure about their physical appearance (that includes me). When I was younger, I would offer to do makeup for my mom, sister, aunts, and relatives who needed to put a face on for a party. I realize I loved doing it–it was fun for me. And most importantly, people around me approved of it, so I felt pretty good about what I did.

Lilac Beauty Studio

CL: Why do you love makeup so much?
Y: I love looking at cosmetic products and admiring their variety of colors, tones, textures, applications, and uses. I have so many makeup products I can’t even keep track of each one of them. But I am going to start inventorying them before I lose everything. I do love what makeup can do to you–inside and out–but at the end of the day, I am still a big believer that true beauty comes from within.

CL: What products do you use on clients?
Y: I use only the highest quality and professional grade makeup in my kit and all of my brushes are cleaned and sanitized before being used on each client. I cannot stress enough the importance of hygiene in the products and tools I use on my clients. It is very important to me that my clients are comfortable and satisfied with the results I deliver.

CL: Why should people come to Lilac Beauty Studio?
Y: When I do a client’s makeup, especially for big days like weddings and engagements, as a makeup artist, I take on the responsibility of being there for the bride or bride-to-be the entire day, from start to finish. Some makeup artists’ work stops once the bride enters the ballroom and greets her guests, but I’m there for her throughout the evening, whether or not she needs makeup attention, and especially in case she does. I always tell clients they are welcome to give me input and suggestions not only for the makeup results, but also the entire service experience I provide.

Lilac Beauty Studio

Lilac Beauty Studio takes bookings for any occasion. Yuli will work with clients in giving them what they want and suggesting looks for those who are clueless or are unfamiliar with makeup. In addition, Yuli also does hair–she loves to experimenting with creating new hairstyles. Within this year or next, she hopes to launch Lilac Beauty Classes open to all makeup enthusiasts (I’ll be sure to keep you posted on this). I promise you Yuli is so good and oh so passionate about what she does! This won’t be the last you’ll be reading of Lilac and Yuli. Stay tuned for more beauty tips and Yuli’s very own makeup look created especially for Chléa Living where she shows us, step-by-step how to effortlessly put a beautiful face on in minutes without looking like a clown. Yay!

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