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My Eyelash Extension Experience

I’m no beauty expert and I consider myself conservative when it comes to beauty regimens. Not one to perch for hours at the salon, I always try to fix myself up at home on my own, which isn’t hard since I try to keep things basic, minimal, and simple. But even a traditionalist like me isn’t completely temptation-averse. And just last month, my uncharacteristically adventurous self took the plunge for a set of fluttery, wispy lashes to inject life into my otherwise dull strands. Oh, and of course to awake with that “I woke up like this” air that’s got everybody obsessing about. And for this, I have lash expert Everlash and makeup artist and friend Yuli of Lilac Beauty Studio to thank.

The first step of the process involved choosing the type of curl I wanted. I went with the recommended C-curl, one that would give my lashes a lift while still looking natural (enough). The extensions were applied directly on top of my natural lashes and almost to the roots, but not on top of them. The process took about two hours, and a little longer with me because my lashes naturally grew in a kind of a crisscross, making it harder for the extensions to stick. Like my headstrong self, my lashes were too set in their ways, refused to face straight ahead, and instead inched left and right.

From start to finish, the application was smooth and gentle. And while lying down in one position for hours irked my back a little, I was relaxed by the hushed ambiance of the salon and entertained by baby’s early fierce kicks. When I finally got to see the lash extensions on, I was blown away! Suddenly I had hair growing out of my lash line. And they were actually visible! I was weirded out in the best way possible. In short, I absolutely loved them! But at the same time I was weary of whether I’d be able to properly tend to them.

As for the aftercare, I would shower as I normally would (water splash on the face is totally okay), except no eye-rubbing. For the first few days, it was troublesome and I was itching to wipe my eyes in the shower. But I quickly got used to it. So post-shower, I would use a clean sheet of tissue paper and gently press-dry the lashes before brushing them through with a spoolie brush. And at night I would carefully clean my eyelid areas with a cotton pad soaked in a cream cleanser, then apply olive oil on the lashes upwards to keep them supple and moist. It really isn’t as wicked as a lot of people describe it to be. And depending on the care, extensions last for two weeks up to a month.

My absolute favorite part is how much time I saved getting ready in the morning. And it worked out especially great for me because then I was due for a trip to Melbourne for ten days. And during my entire trip I didn’t reach for my lash curler or mascara at all. I simply winged my eye slightly with a dark brown eyeshadow and that was it for my eyes! On days when I wanted a little more, I would brush on some eyeshadow, but I rarely did since I quite liked the clean look of bare lids.

It’s now been a month and eleven days since I got the extensions. During this time, many or most of the lashes have fallen out, sometimes on their own and at times with my natural lashes. Don’t be alarmed when this happens. Just like any hair on our body, our lashes have a lifespan and naturally fall out and grow in again. And because the extensions were applied almost to the roots, my natural lashes were free to breathe as they normally do. I’m due for a refill, but I’m waiting to see when all the lashes finally completely fall out. I’m surprised they’ve lasted me this long, especially knowing how clumsy I get sometimes.

So if you’re looking to give your everyday look a lift without the fuss, I would definitely recommend getting eyelash extensions. They are such an easy accessory you only have to put on once. And in case you’re curious about how they wear with eyewear, I wear glasses and my extensions don’t hit the lenses, so I was fine with or without any eye accessory.

And while there are plenty of salons out there offering eyelash extensions, the pricing, process, and result likely differ. I can only speak for my experience at Everlash and it was totally worth the try! Thank you Everlash and Yuli for giving life to my lashes!

My Eyelash Extension Experience

My Eyelash Extension Experience

My Eyelash Extension Experience

My Eyelash Extension Experience

My Eyelash Extension Experience

My Eyelash Extension Experience

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Everlash.

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