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Kristien Blanko

The name Kristien Blanko may be a gentleman’s but the life behind this handmade shoe collection is the charming Trishia Pratt. Trishia, like most girls, and safe to say, any girl, has an eternal crush for shoes. But the thing that differentiates her and most other girls, she gets to stare and play with them all day! […]

Lilac Beauty Studio

The art of makeup has been around for a long time. Archaeological findings show that the use of cosmetics dates back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. As told in the Old Testament around 840BC, Jezebel, the Queen of Israel, was mentioned to have painted her eyelids. In fact, the word “cosmetics” originates from the Greek […]

Mandarin Peony: Charmed by Cheongsam

Jakarta is trending with young entrepreneurs and creative business ideas. Last Sunday, I sat down with two lovely fashion entrepreneurs who partnered in September 2012 and have since successfully glamorized girls all over Jakarta with their tasteful cheongsam. Apart from their common adoration for famed hunk Joseph Gordon-Levitt and obsession with beautiful fabrics and washes, […]