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Healthy Breakfast Parfait

Parfait, meaning perfect in French, is originally a frozen dessert that dates back to as early as the 1800s. And although some of us enjoy dessert for breakfast (I know I eat chocolate cake for breakfast sometimes – if it’s there, you gotta eat it), our version of a parfait consists of milk, yogurt, fruit, […]

Baconerie: Praise the Lord, Bacon Be Thy Name

Praise the Lord. It is Christmas season after all. Bacon Be Thy Name. Christmas. Bacon. Christmas and Bacon. Why not? Bacon goes with Christmas. Bacon goes with everything! And what say we but Amen to this neighborhood café dedicated to everyone’s favorite protein? Baconerie, despite being the new kid on the block, has quickly become a favorite of […]

Breakfast Scones for Christmas Morning!

I like it simple. I go for the basics. Unless we’re talking about cable subscription. But with food recipes, even though I enjoy experimenting with crazy blends (consequently, making more mess than I like to admit and frequently coming up with unearthly, at times edible food), I try to keep things stress-free in the kitchen. When […]

Mango Green Smoothie

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is make a smoothie. In fact, it is also one of my must-have breakfast items! Usually, I’d make a fruit smoothie consisting of some frozen fruits, yogurt, and honey. But since I am sure I don’t consume enough veggies, I decided to infuse my smoothie […]

Le Café Gourmand

I know I’m a little late on the train to Le Café Gourmand, despite having passed by it countless times. This Saturday morning I finally decided to temporarily brush aside my qualms about cute, fancy places. The first thing that surprised me was the size of the café. Somehow I always pictured it to be bigger and with more […]


We’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And although we believe you when you say your mom or wife makes kick-ass scrambled eggs, we think it’s time to let her rest, step out of your comfort zone, and try someone else’s scrambled eggs. The only thing: you might want to consider changing […]

Bagel Bagel

Bagel was always my faithful companion any chow time of the day–breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and everything else in between. I’d diligently stock my freezer with a variety of them: plain, onion, cheese, and blueberry (oh so perfect with strawberry cream cheese!). That’s the great thing about bagel–you can conveniently store them in the freezer […]