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On our drive from Melbourne to Sydney, we stopped by Canberra. I was glad to be in warmer weather, with plenty of sunshine, and surrounded by autumn foliage. We only had half a day and spent most of it outdoors, briefly passing through downtown to eat lunch. I couldn’t be happier with my pulled pork burrito from Mexican Taqueria Guzman y Gomez, a comparable contender to Chipotle and the like, only with thicker skin (tortilla skin, that is). We spent the rest of the day idling on the green grass, parrot-spying, promenading by the quiet lake and through charming gardens, and collecting photographs. It was a day perfectly well spent. /simple breakfast at the hotel/ /stroll through a rose garden/ /met this little brave guy who was very territorial/ /lunch at Guzman y Gomez/ /checking for bump visibility/ /parrot-spying/ /late afternoon sun against the yellow foliage/