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Waha Kitchen

Are you a fan of Peranakan cuisine? Enjoy a little something more than the ordinary? Want to feel outdoors while indoors? Waha Kitchen promises all these, and more. Stepping in, you’d be reminded of being in someone’s house – except you can’t remember whose. The interior is complete with new and old artifacts – modernistic and upcycled. It also includes […]

Fatburger Jakarta

Craving a burger may be one of the most common, natural, and socially tolerable appetitions. Not to say that a hunger for anything else is perverse, but let’s just say we never judge a burger dream. Fatburger has been in Jakarta for several years now and even though 50 percent of its name is dominated by […]

Lara Djonggrang

Here’s one place your visiting friends are sure to appreciate. In addition to totting them to the quick, simple eats at kaki lima stalls around the city, treat them to a unique and elaborate version of Indonesian cuisine. Lara Djonggrang is one of the restaurants managed by Tugu Group who is also behind Samarra, Dapur […]

Dill Gourmet Cafe

Dill Gourmet Cafe replaced long-time tenant Secret Recipe at Plaza Indonesia. I’m always cautious about sandwich places in Jakarta because with the exception of perhaps one or two, I haven’t quite been met with a simply good and goodly simple sandwich. Usually, I’d land on one with tough-to-chew bread, too little stuffing (or just little […]

Soto Padang H St Mangkuto

Soto Padang H St Mangkuto first opened in Jl. Pintu Air, Pasar Baru in 1966. Hands down one of my favorite soto in Jakarta. If you’ve never had soto padang before, it isn’t the typical clear chicken broth soup we’d think of when we think of soto (soto ayam, that is).  Soto padangsoup is beefy, cloudy, and most relevantly, yummy! The […]